Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My dog can talk

Pippi has adopted her own language. Whenever she's feeling ignored, for example, when I'm on an important phone call or when I'm trying to pack stuff up and not paying her enough attention, she'll bust out with "words". Of course, to me it's just loud, obnoxious noise.

...and then she attacks. Some days I feel bad for Rocco. And then I remember when my brother first got him and he peed everywhere, including on my bed.

Speaking of packing stuff (yes, I'm still doing that), yesterday and today I've found a goldmine of things that make me feel old.

The first cell phone of everyone in my generation. It didn't
text. How did we even SURVIVE!?

Operating manuals for a boom box that played cassette tapes and a camera
that used film.

The portable CD player I rocked out to Linkin Park on over and over again
during my morning gym workouts.

Don't worry, these are all currently in the trash. It occurred to me that I don't have any owner's manuals for any of my newer electronics. And then I remembered, we have this fancy thing called 'the internet' these days.

Along with all this packing and digging through old stuff, comes lots of dust. Take that along with the fact that I have allergies sent straight from the devil and killer humidity yesterday, and you get a really crappy run. I managed 4 miles, instead of the hour-long run I was aiming for. I think I've decided I'm not signing up for Spring races ever again unless I can find something that actually works for my allergies. This race is going to kill me.

And now, a guessing game!

1. Someone is going to sign a contract on a house next Friday. You get three guesses and the first two don't count :)

2. What's a skrillex?

If you guessed "some famous music person that I don't know" you'd be correct. Of all the stuff in this world, the people who created Draw Something have pretty much he worst imaginations ever. (And the worst taste in music and stand-up comedians, apparently).

Does your dog "act out" when he/she is feeling ignored?

You totally had a pager in high school. Don't lie.

Did you know what a "skrillex" was before I told you?


  1. That video made Peanut wake up from a dead slumber, so well done Pippi.

    I'm so excited for you for the house!

    I was cool in high school, so I totally had a pager.

    1. Did you ask Peanut what Pippi was saying? I'd love to know.

  2. That was my first cell phone, too! I was so stoked when I got a yellow cover for it. I thought I was so cool. haha!

  3. Very exciting about the house! Seems like you are moving right along at lightning speed. One of our dogs has her own language. I've never heard more sounds come out of a dog in my life!

  4. I was never cool enough to have a pager. I like how you've only lived in your current house a few years, yet you apparently brought owners manuals from the late 90s when you moved in. The house is even cuter than I remember!

  5. My daddy loved me, so my first phone was a flip phone...that he took away after 6 months because he didn't like paying for it. Bastard.

    I did not have a pager. I grew up in the country and only grown-ups and drug dealers had a pager.

    I totally knew who Skrillex was. Or that Skrillex existed anyways.

  6. I had a pager and was the first of my friends to have a cell phone. :) Remeber the pager codes - to let your friends know it was you paging them.

  7. I totally had a pager in high school.

    Very excited about the house!