Friday, April 11, 2014

Four things Friday

Have you ever had one of those runs where you would give anything if only a porta-potty would magically appear at this moment? This was my run yesterday. Too much information? I think I've found a huge flaw to the whole living alone thing. No one to come..."rescue" me in such situations. 
Aptly named, I'd say.

Last night Pippi needed a bath. I'll spare you the details of why. One thing I don't understand is why dogs hate baths so much (or at least MY dog). I mean, it's like a free full-body massage! I basically have to try to trick her into the bathroom or drag her in there. She looks dejected during the entire bath and then as soon as it's over and I get out the towel, it's butt-tuck-run-crazy time. What IS that?! 
The dog version of "talking back?"

I moved to North Carolina six years ago today! It doesn't even seem possible. I had no job and moved in with my brother and sister-in-law. Two years ago at this time, I had signed a contract on a house. So many things have changed!
Back when it was almost mine.

This. Because...Friday!

Have you ever had to be rescued on a run?

Does your dog enjoy baths? I've heard of this phenomenon, but never met a bath-loving dog.

Friday, April 4, 2014

At least she's cute

Pippi knows many words: Outside, hungry, dinner, shake, name a few.

And she now knows the word squirrel.

Ever since I got the bird (slash squirrel) feeder, she now spends only half her time being connected to me with super glue. The other night while I was lazing on the couch she wasn't in the same room so I went looking for her, afraid the silence meant something less-than-awesome was going down. Nope, she was just creepily spying on a squirrel, her nosed pressed up against the glass.

I've concluded the only time her attention span is longer than about 30 seconds is when there's a cat or a squirrel in the vicinity. She'll stand there just staring as long as one is around. As soon as that squirrel is done eating and hops away, she jumps at the glass and barks. Because that's how you get the object of your affection to stay a while. Didn't you know?

Because who wants to watch birds eat when you can STARE AT A SQUIRREL OH MY GOD!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


If you're like me, whenever something is happening with your body that isn't normal, you retreat into self-diagnosis mode. You also know that one of the best and worst websites of all time is webMD.

Going back a couple of weeks to that recurring foot issue I have during long-distance runs, as a cheapskate self-diagnoser, I did my due diligence. After much research and discussion with my PT Technician friend, I've decided I may have sesamoiditis

I don't know that it's all related, but the pain from the bulging disc in my back always occurs on the right side of my body and I've always had foot issues with my left foot. I know. I'm a freaking genius. 

To get relief from this strange...condition, in lieu of just not running (been there, done that), I've purchased a couple of these bad boys:

The idea is to take pressure off the sesamoid bones while running. I'll be testing them out today....along with not wearing heels for a while. If this all helps, I may need to get rid of the heels forever (DARN!)

Now that the foot mystery is diagnosed, a new issue has emerged. Two weeks ago I had two chipped teeth/fillings repaired. It was the normal process of numbing, drilling, etc. Blah blah. But ever since, I've had a consistent dull ache in my jaw and a never....ending.....headaaaaache. 

One thing that happened during the "procedure" that I didn't recognize as strange until later on is that, when the dentist did the numbing, immediately I noticed my heart started racing and I was shaking. I chalked it up to being nervous and not having enough to eat for breakfast. A couple hours later at work, I CRASHED big time. My mom told me later that sometimes when the dentist is injecting the numbing...stuff, they hit a blood vessel. And that's bad. It makes your heart race and then you crash. Well then, mystery #2 solved.

I understand now what Jason Statham went through. Except, you know, I'm not armed with weapons and handsome good looks. Oh, and his face wasn't numb.

Have you ever had a strange ailment you successfully diagnosed using the internetz? 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Neighbor Shaming


So, remember when this happened?

So I got that fixed. And then this happened?

Well, I haven't been able to replace that yet and this goes and happens:

As luck would have it, you can't buy only the rear window. You can either buy all three soft windows as a set or you have to invest in an entirely new top + windows...for $500. 

If things really do happen in threes, I should be good for a least in the broken car parts department. Unless, of course, I just jinxed myself by saying that. It would be so nice if my guardian angel would come back and do her job.

Having all these things in disarray is hurting my nerves. Driving around with a duct-taped back window makes me feel like I should be living in a different neighborhood...where my neighbors have couches on their front lawns and walk around in their underwear. Last week my American flag in front of my house ripped and I couldn't get it down so it stayed like that for about four days. I was that neighbor. Thankfully, I've since replaced the flag AND installed a bird feeder in the backyard. Getting on karma's good side and what-not.

Maybe this will keep Pippi entertained during the day.

Really, Mom? Most boring show ever.

Have you ever done something that made you feel like an unfit neighbor?