Thursday, November 7, 2013

A good day

You know what's funny? When you wear this to work and receive more than one compliment on how "dressed up you are" today.
Secret: It's ridiculously comfortable.

Apparently I'm normally dressed like a slob. I'll have to throw on a dress and leggings more often. That's the key to a raise, right?

So, on to the real reason for this post. It's been one of those months at work where I've felt like everything I do is fraught with disaster. (No, I'm not a drama queen. Why do you ask?) I walked into work today, however, and the clouds parted.

A project that I'd been working on designing, discussing, editing, redesigning, and making changes to since April is finally complete! I don't normally discuss my designs on here, but why the heck not?

Probably scarily accurate.

The typical pieces I get to design at work are one or two-color jobs, normally on white paper, and stapled if necessary. There are exceptions, of course, but just some background. My boss told me back in April that the MPA program in our School wanted a viewbook and that she wanted me to design it: colors, shape, paper type, all that. One of my coworkers wrote and edited the content.

Fast forward seven months:
Ain't it perty?

A few of the spreads

Along with the writing, designing, editing, meetings, and e-mails, we also hired photographers from different areas to take the great photos.

My favorite spread. That's one photo!

My crack at designing infographics. Kinda.

I took these pictures in my ill-lit office, so the actual piece has much better colors. Promise.

This, on the other hand, is a series of pieces I designed, photographed be a professional. Fancy, right?

In conclusion: I really have no point here except that I'm not sad I showed up for work today.


  1. That outfit does look way comfortable! And your job looks really fun! I could never do it (no design skill!).