Friday, April 4, 2014

At least she's cute

Pippi knows many words: Outside, hungry, dinner, shake, name a few.

And she now knows the word squirrel.

Ever since I got the bird (slash squirrel) feeder, she now spends only half her time being connected to me with super glue. The other night while I was lazing on the couch she wasn't in the same room so I went looking for her, afraid the silence meant something less-than-awesome was going down. Nope, she was just creepily spying on a squirrel, her nosed pressed up against the glass.

I've concluded the only time her attention span is longer than about 30 seconds is when there's a cat or a squirrel in the vicinity. She'll stand there just staring as long as one is around. As soon as that squirrel is done eating and hops away, she jumps at the glass and barks. Because that's how you get the object of your affection to stay a while. Didn't you know?

Because who wants to watch birds eat when you can STARE AT A SQUIRREL OH MY GOD!

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