Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Insanity update

Well, I'm halfway through my second week two of Insanity and, I must say, It actually is getting less "I'm going to die!"

You know how you can watch a movie several times and pick out something new each time you watch it? That's what these DVDs are like. It's part kick-ass workout and part comedy club. There are two girls in particular who probably shouldn't be on camera that make me laugh every time.

Meet Adriana. This is right around the time in the plyometric cardio interval DVD where Shaun T. asks her how she feels and she responds with a heartfelt, "I feel like shit." Earlier in this DVD when taking a water break, she hawks a loogie on the floor. The video editors must not have felt the need to edit that out. Classy. And disgusting.

Next up we have Shanita. In my opinion, Shanita is even less qualified to be on camera on a "motivating" workout DVD than Adriana, if you can believe that. When asked how she feels, she tells Shaun T., "I wanna leave," to which he responds with a "go take a break." Burn, Shanita. BURN.

To her credit, this DVD (Pure Cardio) is tough. It's also the video I'm doing again today. Yippee..

Also, I really enjoy the fact that, after the intense "warm-up", in each DVD there's a session of stretching before the craziness...ahem...Insanity begins. I don't know about you but a ton of stretching at the end of a workout is pretty much the last thing I want to do, so I really appreciate this approach.

Also, is this week going insanely slow for anyone else...and not in a good way?


  1. I love stretching at the end of a workout! It feels so good. I really need to try insanity eventually. Apparently they just wanted to get it all done in one take with no editing? Yes to the slow week - apparently they will all be slow until Christmas.

  2. This week is dragging so bad. And I know today-Friday are going to suck, so that's not helping anything. I cannot believe she hocked a loogie on camera. I probably would have vomited.

  3. I never have any idea what day it is, so it's hard for my weeks to drag :)

  4. Haha, those two girls don't exactly sound like the ideal candidates for a workout DVD with their complaining.

  5. I love watching the participants on workout videos. They always crack me up:)