Thursday, June 21, 2012

This post has no point

So guess where I'll be for the next few days.

It's totally a designerd thing, so unless you are one, you probably have never heard of it. Literally it's like the holy grail for designers. I'm pretty excited to be in Boston (I've never been) and also to be able to go to the conference.

I'm pretty not excited (unexcited? ill-excited?) about the flight. I don't like flying. I'd probably like it a lot more if I was literally flying (like had wings, could poop on people, flying).

That's more lessons than training a dog to not be a turd.

My latest Netflix obsession show is Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. No, I'm not kidding. If you've never seen it, you really need to. It's hi-larious. I wake Pippi up laughing while I'm watching it. Seriously.

...and a couple of them aren't bad looking either.

Yesterday I received my first HOA bill. It was addressed to "Mr. And Mrs. Hinkle". That pissed me off more than the fact that they included a delinquent fee even though I never received a first bill. Today I called the company to get it worked out and the lady did a lot of "Umm.." "Hmm.." "Let me check". At least they had pretty decent hold music? Then I was talking with a couple coworkers because I needed to vent some more and it occurred to me that, for the "lower income"/itty bitty homes (with itty bitty "yards") and no trash pick-up or neighborhood pool, $161 a month is a bit steep. I then found out it's the same price everyone in the neighborhood pays, even those with bigger yards and two-car garages.

Don't worry, I'm on it. I've already e-mailed the property manager and I'm sure more e-mails to more people will follow. If, by some miracle, the fee is actually reduced (I like to dream), the drinks are on me, folks.

When I get back from Boston, the training for Hartford begins.



  1. Looks like we were in the same boat for posts today. :)

    Just think, at the end of your flight, I'll be waiting for you and we'll have an awesome day.

  2. I love flying! I have a 4 hr and a 2 hr flight tomorrow! Have a great trip - yay Hartford training!

  3. I love Boston! Have fun!

    $161 a month!? That's insane! I live in an upscale neighborhood with fancy common areas and we pay less than that a year.

  4. You know my big ass neighborhood? We only pay 350 a YEAR in HOA fees. God bless living in BFE.

  5. Boston is awesome! We have an HOA fee and it isn't even enforced! And I live in a swanky neighborhood. Last time I checked it was $75 a year. Something wrong with your HOA. Tell them to SHOVE IT!

    Have fun!

  6. Holy smokes- what do you get for $161/month? Hope they reduce it for you. and not Mr. Hinkle. haha. The townhomes near our old apt in NJ were $165/mo but that included garbage, lawn mowing, access to pool + tennis, snow removal, etc. And the inability to paint your door any color you want, inability to plant anything in your mini yard, and inability to leave christmas lights up longer than 1 week before and after christmas. haha.