Thursday, June 28, 2012

I need a life raise

I hate meetings. Rarely, I believe, are they really necessary. I spent two hours in a meeting yesterday morning that was only supposed to be 1.5 hours long and all I left with was the knowledge that all that junk on my to-do list was still there and none of it got done while I was sitting in this meeting thinking all about how I could be getting things done.

Yes, I realize a word is missing and yes, I was too lazy to fix it.

Later on in the day, I had another meeting about work/life balance. One of the ideas presented was about how, partially because of meetings during the day, people end up doing work at home after the workday is over (when they're not actually getting paid), which increases stress and decreases time with family (or pets...ahem).

GOSH Mom, you're so boring! Turn off the laptop and let's PLAY!

As of late, I've been seriously lacking in my workouts, and I hate it! When I was in Boston, I utilized the hotel gym and realized how much I miss my gym membership. I just can't make it work with my budget currently. I have a Groupon for a 3-month membership at the YMCA down the street, but I feel like it's gold and I don't want to give it up just yet because after the three months I'm going to be very very sad. I have to begin using it by October, so I figure it'll be a good thing for me to do after the Hartford Half to get me through the Winter.

It truly is sad how sore I was for two days after this one workout.
P.S. Meet my new running shoes. I have high hopes for these guys.

Truth be told, I really need to just shut down the Etsy-making, the freelance work, the work-work, the house cleaning, and get back to taking an hour for myself every day after work to get in my workout/de-stressing sessions. Hopefully someday when Pippi becomes a civilized dog that can walk on the leash without pulling me over, we'll spend that time going for runs together. (I can dream).

I think this is actually a good time for me to realize all of this since Hartford half marathon training starts Saturday morning! I've also got a few other fun tricks up my sleeve to mix up the workouts with abs and upper body exercises. I want my "girl guns" back.

Do you ever find yourself not taking enough time for yourself during the day?
I don't even have kids or a husband. I'm seriously in a bad state!


  1. ugh. i have no life or time for myself. But we both already knew that.

  2. I drop everything else in a heartbeat to fit in a run. That's why my apartment is at best ugly and at worst a gigantic mess and then I'm super stressed that I can't find anything. I think we just all need maids and personal assistants.

    1. This was also my strategy for fitting in runs back when I was a contributing member of society with a full time job.

  3. Working out is always priority one. Kids can raise themselves.

  4. It's pretty much impossible to have time for myself right now. And running is barely getting squeezed in because I'm so tired.

  5. I always run, but that doesn't mean I have enough time to myself. Working from home really screws with your work/real life separation, so I'm pretty much always working.

  6. I get so tired of meetings as that you had a meeting about meetings taking up too much time and people then having to work during 'off' hours! I tend to always shuffle and squeeze things in but often have some mini-meltdowns along the way!

  7. I never minded meetings. I'd always take things with me to work on in lieu of actually paying attention to whatever was being presented. A few places where I worked would provide snacks or breakfast or whatever else, and that was always a highlight too :)

  8. You can't stop the noodle hugger train! Just look at it as 6 noodle huggers = 1 month of gym. I don't actually know what a Y membership costs, but that sounds good to me.