Thursday, September 20, 2012

Martha Stewart will have to wait

I've been spending a good amount of time the last few days online searching for couch slipcovers. As many people noted, the couch my mom gave me is a very light cream color/stain magnet. And, since I'm pretty much a professional klutz and I own a dog with an affinity for making messes, the couch had to be covered. It's currently covered in a sheet but, truth be told, it's the sheet set I typically use on my bed so I kind of want it back. Hey, did you know most slipcovers are super boring? Do a quick Google image search. You'll see what I mean. Why would I want to cover boring with more boring??

Seems fine to me, Mom. Wrap it up. I'll take it.

I had the bright idea to look on Pinterest to see if there was a do-it-yourself tutorial so that I could make my own slipcover instead. I found quite a few, and started getting excited. And then? Then...I started pricing fabric. I'd probably need between 14 and 16 yards to make the slipcover. For some reason, in my head, fabric is like two bucks a yard. It turns out it's more like $6–$10 a yard. I was hoping to spend no more than $40 for the fabric, but unless I can find a helluva good deal, it would cost me more like $80–$150, meaning I'd have to save up for it. <yawn!>


All I can say is Martha Stewart must have started out loaded because this whole doing it yourself thing is a lot more expensive than I thought. It looks like the sheet is staying for a while. Maybe I can fulfill my crafting hankering by making fancy couch pillow covers instead.

Yesterday I decided to do my run at the park. I wasn't feeling like running at all and since it's an out-and-back and once you get out, you have to go back, it was a good plan. I mean, I have yet to get someone to give me a piggy-back ride back to my car. I'll keep trying.

Maybe if I buy one of these.

After about 1/4 mile I was this close to turning back around. But I didn't. A group of police recruits gave me an ego boost by running even slower than me. Passing a bunch of panting, red-faced "men's men" in their special matching shirts: WIN! I can only hope they run faster by the time they become actual police officers. They aren't the smartest, however. One of them stopped me to ask "where does this trail go?" So their plan must have just been to run until the world ends. I don't know about you, but I typically research any new running spots to see where they go. I don't have real faith in our future police officers, you guys.

Today's workout will be washing the car (it's a rest day, really), before my long run tomorrow. I'd better research some routes, lest someone mistake me for a police recruit.


  1. Maybe you could make a patchwork slip cover using remnants (which are cheap, yes? I have no idea really). That could make for a good conversation piece.

    I like running on base and passing the fat slow Navy people who only run before they have a physical fitness test.

  2. Why not get a boring inexpensive slip cover and then jazz i up with pillows? Then, if you get bored of it, you just change the pillows and it's like a whole new couch.

    I love passing people. Once I passed people on bikes. They were like 100, but still on wheels. What's your long run??

    1. I don't feel like enough people use the phrase "jazz it up"

    2. It's really an underrated phrase.

  3. My friend at (running store) work was thinking of going the police route so we spent a shift looking up the PT requirements and they were a joke. Even the recruits on the website front page looked horrible and out of shape. My friend that did GORUCK with me is a police officer so I was under the impression they were all super in shape like that. Not so.

    I have literally given zero thought to slipcovers ever, so I am no help there. Have a good long run!

  4. Fabric is hella expensive. I was going to make my own cloth wipes and it really was cheaper to buy them on a discount site.

  5. My mom has a giant closet full of fabric. She has instructions taped to the inside of the door as to whom to call when she has passed so we can sell it. I don't even WANT to know how much money it represents. Let's just say she loves fabric more than us and even will say "who has the most fabric wins." Its sick.