Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pictureful update

What have I been up to lately, since I've slacked off and not posted in a week? Well, here's a taste.

New items in my etsy shop!

Pippi and I played around at the dog park on Sunday. She played great with dogs and humans. Unfortunately, there weren't as many dogs there as I was hoping. She got good and muddy after playing in the pool and I wasn't able to bathe her because I'd just put her flea and tick grease on her.
Attack the water!

I spent Labor Day at my friend, Erin's, place. It was a great day, which included wine, cheese, and crackers.
There was a lot more than this. I didn't need dinner.

Erin's adorable daughter, Embry. After Erin and I finished watching The Hunger Games, she put on Elmo's World and Embry was mesmerized.

Then we played in the tub. It's been a long time since I've bathed a baby.
Naked baby bubble bath!

This weekend I broke down and ordered a storm door. I actually had to finance it (thank you, Lowe's 18 months, 0% interest). I got a call that they wanted to come and install it on Tuesday. So fast!
I think Pippi's in love.

I was supposed to work from home on Tuesday but when I turned on my laptop, the screen never came on, so I brought it over to the IT department at work and had to be back at the house for the door installer guy. While I was waiting, I decided to make a super cheap wreath.
A wreath form, tissue paper, and hot glue. So easy!

The finished product. Plus a dog laying in the most uncomfortable-looking position ever.
Your flip flops smell divine!

Other than that, I've been feeling kind of in a slump. But I won't go into that. Instead, a super awesome penguin for your viewing pleasure.
Blue feet or wearing galoshes?


  1. Pippi played well with people and dogs at the dog park? Here agression is definitely dominance based if she's only acting out on leash. Time to be the alpha!

    This post just reminds me it's time to go be mean to Home Depot some more.

  2. That's actually a blue-footed booby! That baby is cute.

  3. That's no penguin. That's a blue footed booby.


  4. Love the name Embry and she is a doll! Love those bracelets too, I am going to have to check out your shop.

    lol Kara, BOOBY

  5. The bath picture is just wayyyy too cute! Awww, sad to hear you're in a slump! What's up?

  6. Booby is so going to replace capybara. It will be awesome!

  7. Hey! That is a blue footed boobie bird! Max, my 4 year old, has a stuffed one and calls him Blue. :) Good work on bathing the little sweetie. Life through a child's eyes is priceless.

  8. Sorry you are in a funk-hope everything is ok.