Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random tidbits

It's been a while since I did a random things about me post, so I'm bringing it back. Mainly because there's not one awesome thing I can really focus on to create an entire post. Sad. But true.

I survive meetings by doodling pretty much the entire time.
Step aside, Picasso.

Today's meeting was basically a 1.5 hour bitch fest that I really had no involvement in. It was super fun, as you can imagine. Why would anyone want to work from home when you can have angry meeting fun??

I have melasma.
No, this isn't me. But she's got it too.

Kara eluded to this affliction in her post yesterday, but she was referring to it as it happens to women during pregnancy. I'm just so damn lucky that I got it from birth control, which I had to start taking for medical reasons. It wasn't enough that I had bad acne in highschool and now have scars from that, but I'm also inflicted with this lovely condition. Ain't nature grand? Sunscreen is my BFF. If I were to go without it, my face would look...well...dirty. I've had people tell me I should have taken my sunglasses off because I have raccoon eyes. Yeah, it's not a sunglasses tan, jerk.

Am I the only one who finds political signs really effing pointless?
Honey Badger would totally win.

I was never like, "ohhh! Ok, well since I've now seen 569 of YOUR choice of candidate's signs, I'm voting for him instead." Same goes for political bumper stickers on cars. I don't know about you, but I like to give people the least amount of ammunition to key my car as possible.

I have a neighbor who puts an Easy Walk harness on his dog wrong. As the owner and user of said harness, it looks completely ridiculous. I really want to tell him it's wrong, but we're now four months into my living here and I feel like telling him now would be a huge hit to his ego and/or result in the keying of my car.

Clearly I'm slightly paranoid at the possibility of someone keying my car.

Wounds fascinate me. I can't stand watching a needle or scalpel puncture skin, but the aftermath is so intriguing. I almost passed out at the thought of having two moles shaved off, but the resulting wounds were pretty cool.



  1. That doodle is very impressive!

    I'm so over this election. Obviously I have my opinions about the candidates, but I just feel like the whole campaign has been a lot of hate-messages from both sides. It's like Mean Girls....ugh.

  2. Wounds fascinate you? You are so strange :)

    I am so tired of political crap on Facebook, especially when people are posting from stupid non-reputable websites. I have so many facebook friends that I now know are stupid, instead of the blissful ignorance I had about them earlier.

  3. I love when meetings turn into bitch fests. My grad class took that form for quite awhile tonight and we never even got to the planned activity.

    Honey Badger for president! Now I know how I'm voting.

  4. Political rants on Facebook are making me seriously question some of my friendships.

  5. ugh. yes. this election needs to end now. it's just unpleasant. And now you have me googling wounds! I was working on something about bedsores earlier today. Now those are some wounds!

  6. You are an awesome artist! My boring meeting sketches are usually stick figures.

  7. Your drawing is awesome! I need to hire you to design a logo for me. Do you do that?

  8. There's a political sign in my neighborhood that says "Vote Beer". All that did was make me think someone finally had an awesome platform (false, his last name is Beer).