Friday, February 8, 2013

Granny nutbar

This week? It's not over yet. It makes no sense! It's been at least ten days long, right?

I finally caved and made an appointment with a chiropractor. It took this level of pain to get me to finally make an appointment. I'm not a quick learner. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little concerned it's going to be some sort of new age-y thing and he's going to tell me to take some herbs and think happy thoughts.

I've been taking a break from working out in hopes that it will help, but really I'm just still in pain and climbing the walls with anxiety from the lack of movement. My mom's coming to town this weekend, so after work today I'll be cleaning the house to make it mom-clean so that'll be my workout I guess. Fingers crossed that I don't break myself in half or something lame like that. Ain't nobody got the time for that.

Guess what I've been contemplating lately.

I'm going to earn my Grandma badge before you know it! I currently know way more about yarn than I ever dreamed possible. (It's been a slow week at work.) I'm still trying to decide who to give my first knit hat to. I'm currently knitting another one...that I'm never going to wear.

I hope all you folks up north enjoy all that snow. I kind of wish it was snowing here. All we've gotten so far is a lot of ice. You can't make a snowman out of that. Useless. I do, however, find it pretty awesome that they named the storm after a cute cartoon fish. I'm thinking the folks up in New York don't find it to be very cute. Also, since when do they name winter storms? Am I missing something?

That's what you get for making fun of my gimp fin.

Now I think I'll be watching Finding Nemo after I clean today. Welcome to my brain.


  1. They chiro won't do anything new-agey, they just realign you and maybe do some stim. I love mine so much. I hope it helps.

    You should really not be jealous of our snow. We aren't supposed to get plowed out until Sunday and possibly shut off our power. One snowman is not worth that.

  2. If you think the storm is named after a cartoon fish, you really need to read some Jules Verne.

    I hope your back feels better!

  3. Don't be jealous! I can hardly see my own car at the moment, and I have a hair appointment today that I NEED to get to. Priorities, right?

    Good luck with the Chiro!

  4. Hope the chiro helps. Back pain is no joke:( You should just make your mom clean the house. Use your suffering to your advantage:)

  5. I stopped knitting when I moved to CA. Hard to want warm woolen things on your lap when it's balls hot out. Then as far as what to knit? I guess I could make lots of slouchy knit hats and try to convince LA hipsters to buy them. I haven't tried crochet before...curious to hear if it's harder or easier to learn than knitting.