Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Medicinal liquor

Dear world: I am in SO MUCH PAIN!   

I'm not sure how I did it, but yesterday I must have moved in just the right way to complete eff up my lower back. Someone asked me if I did it while working out or if I tried to pick up Pippi or maybe while cleaning? Nope. All those scenarios would make way too much sense. I've had issues with my lower back since college and I can't afford to go to a chiropractor so I've just lived with the pain, but holy CRAP! I really think there should be such a thing as "medicinal shots of hard liquor". It looks like a forced rest day. Argh!

Now, because I promised a few people I'd mention it, the real reason I went to New York last month was to visit...a boy <gasp!>. His name is Shane and he's pretty flippin awesome. I met him in August., so I've been hiding it from you for six whole months. Don't hold it against me, okay?

Also, the knitting projects continue. Yesterday I knit a hat!
It's too bad I'm not a hat person, so I'll never wear it. Looks like I'll just have to give it away. (Thanks, Abbi, for the pattern. Now I have confidence for knitting in the round.)

Fancy pants coffee.
I really want to knit a blanket, but I hate using knit blankets (they're too hole-y) so I'll be giving that away, too. My friends and family are about to get so lucky.

And, for your viewing pleasure, I found a new awesome website. Cute animals + bad language = hours of entertainment. Enjoy it. You're welcome.



  1. AHH! Secret's out! lol

    I wish I had sweet knitting skills. I'll totally take a blanket if you're just giving them away.

    1. Hah! I'll get back to you after I see how long it actually takes to knit a blanket. I may get emotionally attached.

  2. Hope your back feels better soon:) That guinea pig (?) pic is so cute!

  3. Yay on the hat. Even though you're not a hat person, I still think it'll help with the whole knitting in the round thing! Hope your back feels better soon.

  4. That sucks! Hope you get better soon. Can you trade the hat or a future blanket for some chiropractor services? We need to bring back bartering.

  5. that all? No picture??

    At least I got to see you wear a wooly head condom.

  6. I am so out of the loop. And Alyssa may be on to something. My MIL claims her physician takes chickens and shit like that for treatment.

  7. That's all the scoop we get on Shaney-pants?!? You suck.