Friday, January 25, 2013

The one where I met Elmo

You know when you get sick with a cold twice in less than three months? Before November I hadn't been sick in over two years and now this. Balls!! I even underwent the dreaded strep test for nothing. Apparently my sore throat was caused by post-nasal drip. So...all our lives we swallow food and drinks and things are peachy, but the moment phlegm ends up down there, it sets fire to our throat? Anatomy is magical.

A picture of me this weekend, including the crazy eyes.

Other things I've been up to:
Yarn I already had and a $1 wreath form. Doing "poor" the
right way.

More knitting!

Since this was a "beginner" project, it didn't include making a thumb piece, so I was disappointed. I then tried knitting "in the round," which was a huge disaster...again and again and again.

Surprisingly, this made sense...for about five minutes.

So I've given up trying to make anything other than a scarf for now. Because I'm a weenie.

In other news...a few things I did while in New York:
I sang the ABCs with Elmo.

I went to a hockey game which included an amazing fight!
This is the aftermath.

I had my first experience with ice wine. Not too bad.

And...'BONIES! I have a strange love of Zambonies. They're like gigantic ice vacuums. What could be better?

I wish I could vacuum my house like this. Pippi would love it.

You're kidding me, right?

Starting next week, I'm going to be back to running! Insanity has taken a back seat lately since I've been sick. I attempted it a couple of times, but when taking a shower uses up all my energy, an hour-long high-intensity workout isn't very feasible. Come ooooon health!


  1. 1. Do you really say "Balls!" in real life?

    2. What does one do with fingerless gloves?

    3. Where is the post about the boy? Don't tease us.

    4. Are you training for a race, or just running because you like pain?

  2. Seriously, where's the info on the guy in this post? Does he feel sad that you're not acknowledging his existence?

    I was going to question your sanity in starting up running in the dead of winter, but then I remembered the south isn't getting "artic air" that is trying to kill us all up here.

  3. How have I never heard of ICE WINE!?! I love this post as it is easily as scattered as my brain. PS: I may be behind the times, but I love your header. It is sorta new right?

  4. What were you trying to knit in the round? Start with a hat, I promise it'll make sense then. I can scrounge up a pattern if you need. If you make one on a circular needle first, it will help for your next project attempt using the double points. Promise. I am knitting nerd.

  5. I tried to teach myself to knit in the round. Total epic fail. Ice wine is delicious, but I'm poor so I drink Mandy's instead of buying my own. Finally, my church is selling raffle tickets to win a zamboni ride. My husband and I are buying the tickets separately because we would fight over who got it if we won with tickets we bought together.

    1. True story. I once had a bottle of ice wine, and then Sarah came to visit.

  6. I'm so impressed with the knitting. Someday I will learn. I agree, we need more of the stuff people care about - aka romance! Ice wine is amazing but sooooo sweet. Did you really sing the elmo song?

  7. Crocheting in the round is way easier, all those knitting needles scare me. And that hockey fight must have been epic!!!

  8. I have tried knitting several times and all times utter fail. I have friends that swear it is easy though. Sigh.

    Now I'm excited to go to a hockey game again.