Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Training squared

You know what I love? When I'm at work at 2:00 the day before a mid-week holiday and everyone's freaking out about a job of theirs that you're working on. Many times I feel like people think I wave my pink, sparkly magic wand and ta-da...design! The fact that this seems to be the thinking of many means I must be pretty good at what I do, however when something goes awry, I can't just say "sorry, wand's in the shop."
My money-maker. (I love how dirty that sounds).

Do you know what I could do with that kind of power? I'll tell you one thing. If I did, in fact, have a magic wand, I wouldn't be paying $161 a month to have my itty bitty lawn mowed!

I also wouldn't be paying $100 for six one-hour sessions at PetSmart for them to train me how to train my dog to stop being an asshole. Unfortunately, I'm not kidding. Things are about to get real in the Hinkle house, starting with no more dogs sleeping on the bed or barking at strangers on our walks. Thankfully Kari and Kara both have dogs who had issues when they first got them and they have been successful in training them to be good citizens, so I have some moral support and hope.

What do you think, after all the serious training is done, should I shoot for this?

Hartford half marathon training is now in full swing. So far my biggest issue has been consuming enough water. It's sad, really. Something so simple. I'm pretty psyched about my cross-training days, mainly because they can take place inside, where the thermostat isn't set at "hell."

Tomorrow I'm going to be hanging out with my friend to celebrate her birthday and, you know, America's birthday. We're going to a barbecue and my contribution will be a vegetable platter. I know, I'm frisky like that. I figured I'd be all fancy and buy whole carrots instead of the "ready-to-eat" packaged variety. So, I get home to chop up some veggies and when I get to the carrots I realize I don't have a vegetable peeler *womp womp* So much for being fancy. Also, it looks like I'm bringing the vegetables in individual plastic bags because I also don't own a platter. I may never get invited to a party again.

Talk about ugly carrots. At least mine are more
attractive than this.

Happy Independence Day everyone!
My "niece" Embry (my best friend's daughter) and me.

Remember: hydrate to dominate!
(How do you like my PSA?)


  1. Faith had that same dress (as Embry)!

    I'd be excited if someone brought cut up vegetables and I just had to provide a platter. That'd be a sweet deal!

  2. Is carrot top wearing eyeliner? Also, does anyone else think he looks like a walking pube bush, or is that just me?

  3. I always bring a veggie tray, and my mom got me a really awesome one for my birthday that has individual spots, a spot for dip, and even a place to put ice underneath. I'm being an Aunt-zilla and proclaiming no one can be referred to as "Aunt" unless you are related by blood or marriage. I'm a bitch like that.

  4. My MIL taught her dog to do that treat trick. I think Bungee is too overstimulated by food to try it.

  5. I'm not good in the hydrating category either...good luck with the dog training classes! :)

  6. We've been doing dog training with Sit Means Sit and it actually worked. Delilah comes pretty consistently. If my numbnuts dogs can figure it out then Pippi will be a star!

    1. I've never heard of that. Is it a method or a class? I'm pretty desperate. Our first class at Petsmart is tonight. I'm pretty excited to see how it goes.