Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The next step on my way to becoming a football player

This past weekend I was in VA Beach spending some time with my mom, and enjoying the Neptune Festival. The people watching was fantastic—probably better than Wal-Mart quality. King Neptune can vouch.

He's escaped the sea! Hide yo turtles!

View from our hotel room.

We walked so much my feet almost fell off. We also talked, laughed, shopped, ate, and woke up way too early in the mornings. My mom woke up before 5am voluntarily each morning. I got home yesterday afternoon and fell asleep on the couch around 8:30pm. Livin the life, man. Livin the life. There were supposed to be fireworks on Saturday night but, since it rained off-and-on all day, they cancelled them.

Fail, VA Beach. FAIL!

My friends Nicole and Mike watched Pippi for me while I was gone and I was so worried she was going to be... a "handful". I talked to Mike and Nicole yesterday and it seems she was better behaved for them than I ever imagined. Maybe it's like when kids are better behaved for the babysitter than for their parents? Apparently they let her sleep in their bed, too. She suffered greatly in my absence.

She was exhausted yesterday afternoon/evening when we got home. I had to wake her up to eat dinner. It's like someone replaced her with a chill dog.


So guess what. I had a dentist appointment this morning and it turns out I've chipped two teeth in the six months since my last checkup. Since I plan on having these chompers for many years to come, I've been prescribed a mouth guard. Apparently my dentist wants me to bring sexy back.

His "do me" face?

I know I know. My life is so unbelievably awesome. Try not to get too jealous. In case you still have doubt, I'd like to share this little piece of amazingness with you, compliments of Sarah.

It's amazing how well she speaks my language.


  1. is that a capybara? those things are the BEST.

  2. Your life obviously needs a capybara.

  3. This brings back fond memories of the Shamrock marathon! That picture would have been better had it been a llama. Weekends with mom are seriously the best.

  4. Sounds like Pippi got some serious exercise on vacation. Bungee was CRAZY when we picked her up yesterday. She will definitely need a run today.

  5. Where does one get a pet capybara?? Sorry about your teef. I find I wake up early on vacation without an alarm...but then I go home and that stops.

  6. I chipped a tooth recently too, ugh, wonder if my dentist will think I need a toothguard. Looks like you have been having fun!

  7. I like how almost all these comments include the word capybara! I am also supposed to wear a night guard, but the one the dentist wanted me to wear cost $300 and I haven't broken any teeth, so eff that. Enamel is for sissies.

  8. Is that pic real?! Crazy! I can't believe you chipped 2 teeth! What the heck have you been doing?