Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I need wings

In walking through my house the other day, I realized I have way too many bare walls still. I'm not a big fan of hanging pictures of people (personal preference) and since I don't exactly have my own family, they'd all be pictures of me anyway and I'm just not narcissistic (or photogenic) enough for that.

I've had a sweet print on my "favorites" list on etsy for a while and decided it was time to just order it. Are you ready for this? Because it's awesome.
I ordered it with a purple background. Motivation to paint my master bathroom.

This is how I remembered where I parked at the airport.
And I still had to ask "information" how to get back there.

I've decided, based on this weekend, that I really hate flying. I knew I hated it, but now i REALLY hate it. I just never feel that great afterwards. This was my motivation to get out the door on Friday morning to get to the airport early.
Meet my friend, the Siren.

I had a layover in Philadelphia, PA both on the way to CT and on the way back. There was a sign in the airport that made me so happy.
I'd vote for him as mayor too with a name like NUTTER!

Because I'm a weirdo, fun airplane window pictures:
Hello Connecticut!

SO fluffy!

Something about this terrifies me.

Any other photos of flying would involve my middle finger, so I'll stop there.

You're welcome.


  1. I don't get the parking thing? Is it code for something else design-y?

  2. Wait, why do you hate flying so much?

  3. Can't you frame pics of your family/friends? I have lots of pictures framed in my apt that aren't of Eric and I. They are all about to come down and be replaced by Harrison, but you'll probably still see them :)

  4. How the heck did you get that last pic?! Freaky! I suggest a little wine to get you through flights:) Or maybe a shot of something in your Starbucks.

  5. I always text myself where my car is parked. I would also vote for someone named Nutter. There's a candidate here named Beer and I love the idea of voting for Beer. Also, I have hung no pictures. I'm too lazy to have printed any of Charlotte and all our wedding prints are waiting for frames. Can you come tell me how to decorate? I'll let you borrow my baby.