Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend artist

I had every intention of working out and then doing this all weekend:

Yeah, that didn't even last through Friday night.


Around lunchtime on Friday, my brother dropped off Rocco for me to watch while they were out of town for the weekend. He and Pippi are quite the team. I had two furry, dog-shaped shadows all weekend. It was nice to eat breakfast at my desk at work this morning without them both in my face.

Also, anyone watching me trying to take them both for a walk together in the mornings had quite the laugh.

The remainder of my weekend was spent painting and installing knobs in the kitchen and building a new way to organize my earrings so they aren't sitting in a cigar box on my dresser anymore.

Friday night: knobs
"painted" with Sharpies.

Ready for baking.



And then Sunday I parked myself on the couch with intentions of not doing much else, and then I found this in my Real Simple magazine:

..and it occurred to me that I could make something like this to get my earrings out of that cigar box and hanging up so I can see them. I headed to Michael's for buttons and a display of some sort. I planned on nailing the buttons down...somehow. 

Well, that didn't exactly work out. I bought a really cheap wooden display case and painted it and then a new thought dawned on me (thanks to Pinterest): a cookie cooling rack!

As luck would have it, I got a sweet new cooling rack for Christmas, so I had my old, handed-down one to spare.


I also worked out, but that goes without saying. This week I'm supposed to begin the "max" workouts of Insanity and I'm pretty nervous. Send me luck!

I feel like I'm on a first-name basis with these people these days.


  1. Your mind works in terrifying ways.

  2. You know they have colored hardware, right? I'm impressed with your installing skills. Our cupboards were installed by someone unfamiliar with a measuring tape, so changing the hardware was a disaster.

  3. That earring idea is genius. Mine are scattered all over my jewelry box. I am really good at doing nothing, I could teach you my ways....

  4. You are so damn creative. Come to my house and sharpie some shit will ya? I did the insanity fit test and I'm paralyzed by the fear of death so I haven't continued. Gulp

  5. I love the knobs and the earring holder. There's jewelry I haven't worn since we moved here (3+ years ago) so I really need to get mine organized.

  6. You are so freaking genius! I wish I was half as crafty as you. Alas, my kitchen cupboards are just going to have to keep their ugly handles for now.

  7. Holy cow you had a busy weekend! Those knobs are amazing you are way too creative;) If I could organize my jewelry I might actually wear it.