Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A little bit badass

Yes, it's a stock photo. Just pretend there's no watermark.

I...don't feel like writing today. But I feel like I should. The angel and the devil are busy this morning. I had a great weekend. I ran on Saturday and skipped out on hot yoga on Sunday because I'm starting to feel incredibly guilty about paying $12 for each class when my car needs to be washed and I am running out of shampoo. I enjoyed some awesome sunny weather, HGG watched Horton Hears a Who with me, and even laughed...some other things happened. The end.

No, not really. Although, kind of.

On Saturday morning, Kari and Alyssa tried to talk me into running the Hartford Marathon with them in October.

I had considered doing the Hartford half marathon, but then I started looking up prices for flights and train rides and hotels and was brought back down to earth. Oh, right. I'm poor. HGG showed interest in running the 5k so, as a compromise, I looked up some other races in October and *ta da*

There's a race called the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon in October in South Carolina. It's actually a half marathon and there's a 5k option. AND even the 5k finishers get a medal (which doubles as a bottle opener). SCORE!

I'm not registered yet, but I have until May 31 before the price goes up so if, by then, I still think I want to do it, I'll register. I wonder if I can convince my family to come and cheer.

Yesterday I was also forced to embark on an unwanted adventure. On my way to work yesterday I thought the Jeep was driving a little funny, but then I was feeling dizzy and also it was Monday morning and my brain hadn't kicked in yet. When I got back to the parking lot after work, I realized I wasn't crazy after all.
womp womp woooomp.

I called HGG and my brother right away, and then went about seeing how far I could get on changing it myself before help came. I had to ask my brother where to put the jack, but other than that I was doing good until it came to loosening the lug nuts. I got one off and almost broke the lug wrench (that's the right name, right?) jumping on it trying to get the others off. A kind gentlemen that had just gotten off the bus came over and loosened them for me, also by jumping on the lug wrench. So, yeah, I'd say they were a tad too tight! By the time HGG got there to rescue me, I had the new tire on.

I never thought, 15 years ago, when my stepdad "forced" me to change a tire on my own, that I'd actually use the skill (because I was 15 and I already knew everything, you see).

Now I'm glad I was forced into it.

I feel a little badass.


  1. I have no idea how to change a tire. However, the one time I got a flat, three of the most attractive men I've ever seen offered to help me. So, right now, I'm imagining the guy that helped you was hot.

    1. He wasn't. He was probably my dad's age. Not to ruin your mental image.

  2. I can't change my tire either, but that's why I have a husband that comes quickly when I call (burn HGG BURN) :)

    1. Maybe he just wanted to give me an opportunity to show my badass-ness. Win HGG, WIN.

  3. I wouldn't be able to change a tire to save my life. I'm not sure my fiance does either....oh man....

    So how much more encouragement do you need to sign up for the marathon??

  4. Awesome job changing the tire! My dad made me do it when I was 16 all by myself and it came in handy when I was in college:) I love the last pic!

  5. You are a bad ass for changing your tire! In theory I know how to but have never done it. I attempted it once, when I was 18 and got a flat, and a guy stopped and changed it for me. Now I just have AAA and call them.

  6. Welcome to the world of running. I'm always obsessing about another race.

    And look at you go! I have never learned to change a tire. I hear it's an important skill for everyone to learn but I'm 99% sure it would be a waste of time on me.

  7. I learned to change a tire from a guy I worked with in HS but my mom freaked out that I would do it wrong and the tire would fly off while I was driving and I'd die so I never tried it and therefore don't know how. In her defense, she was probably right and got me a AAA membership. You are seriously a badass for doing it yourself.