Friday, February 3, 2012

Three hours thursday

Yesterday I was at a work conference all day. I am not at all a fan of work conferences. It involves a lot of standing around, pretending I know a tiny shred of information about government, and schmoozing. Also, the people-watching is terrible because everyone's wearing business suits; even the women. It's a sea of black and gray and drab. Whoever inflicted business suits upon this world hated pretty things.


One thing that was kind of cool, though, is that most of the materials people were carrying around were designed by me. I should have brought a Sharpie to sign autographs :) We had two large displays at our booth that were both designed by yours truly.

Not exciting, but I work at the School of Government. I'm not allowed to be

This one was set up in my office for a long time. I feel like I know him.

Since yesterday was Thursday, I was at the gym for three hours. I wanted to stay for the abs class at 7pm, so after doing my planned workout, I hung around and did whatever random things I could think of. This morning I hurt so much. Tomorrow's long run should be a fun and painful adventure.

Also, yesterday I received the race shirts that I ordered for Alyssa and me for our half marathon (for me) and marathon (for her) in two weeks. (ARGH! TWO WEEKS!!!) I'm not sharing any details. It's a surprise, but we're gonna be hot.  ;-)

Do you have to attend work conferences for your job?
If so, do you enjoy them?

Are you a good schmoozer?
Because if so, you're coming to my next work conference with me.


  1. I rock so hard at schmoozing. Also I have a degree from a school of government, so I would have rocked the shit out of that conference. :)

  2. Oh...I hate schmoozing so much and conferences like that are just about torture for me, luckily don't have to do it often...hopefully your soreness will go away by tomorrow after your gym workout!

  3. I'm sorry, no mention of your cookies? What is this!?

    I can schmooze to an extent, but I also have a very low annoying people tolerance, so it's tough.

  4. In my field the conferences are usually somewhere exotic and mostly involve drinking. It's kind of a science fair for grownups. I've only gotten to go to one, though. I'm a little sad because the yearly meeting for the society my lab belongs to is in San Diego this year, but it's too close to my due date (as in the week before) so I can't go. And I'm an awesome schmoozer. Shockingly, because I'm usually kind of a jerk.

  5. I have an idea that just might blow your mind. If you plan to attend abs class at 7 and want to work out for an hour before, you can go to the gym at 6, and then you'll only be at the gym for 2 hours!

    I suck at schmoozing, or any people skills really. I did get to go to my first work conference last year, and it was awesome.

  6. Okay, I just posted about my work training meeting this week and besides the suits, there was a terrible smell of Drakkar. I absolutely hate these things and I am a terrible schmoozer. Bad sales rep, I know, but I can't stand it. I also love the days on end in recycled air!

  7. I can schmooze when I have to, but not a fan.

    I can't wait to see your shirts! Some friends and I were discussing race shirts the other day....hopefully your creativity will rub off on me.

  8. Can't wait to see your shirts. I like work conferences, it's more professional development for me than networking/schmoozing. I talk to other people there but it's more of a "how do you do this in your district." I always feel so optimistic after goin, then I come back to work and can't implement these great research-backed idea due to financial constraints.