Thursday, February 9, 2012

Three things Thursday (but it's actually about Wednesday)

Three things about my Wednesday:

I got my Legos!
Legos are for kids of all ages!

I got home late yesterday, and this package was waiting for me. It was already past my bedtime, but I just wanted to stay up and play. Even Pippi was asleep by the time I got in bed.

I did an hour spin class in a regular bra because when I packed my gym bag, I grabbed the wrong pile of clothes, and the one I grabbed didn't have a sports bra in it. I was so looking forward to this class, so there was no way I was going to let it stop me. Do I recommend an hour-long spin class in a regular bra? Nope. Nope, I don't. The ladies kept trying to escape. It was like a horror movie.

This is a random one. But, I've decided something. Bridesmaids dresses. They're always horrible. Always. I came upon this "revelation" because my cousin is getting married later this year and my SIL is in the wedding, and there's so much talk about the dresses. "Oh but I don't look good in strapless" and "How could she pick a bridesmaid that's pregnant? The horror!" and also "That's such a horrible color on me." I have huge reservations about all the stress and hullabaloo that surrounds getting married as it is. Why would people want to put themselves through bridesmaid-dress-choosing hell? I've pretty much decided that when I get married I'm having one bridesmaid (my best friend) and she can pick whatever the hell dress she wants to wear and BAM, problem solved. Of course I have a strong desire to elope if the day ever comes, but that's beside the point.

It's like the Easter Bunny threw up.

Have you ever been a bridesmaid in a dress that you didn't hate? (If so, I need a picture!)

If you're married and you had bridesmaids, how did you choose the dress, and do you still like it, looking back?

And I don't even know if it's that they're all bad or if it's the whole everyone-wearing-matching-dresses-that-never-look-the-same-on-everyone that makes them all seem awful. Any thoughts on the subject?

Have your boobs ever been the stars of a horror movie?


  1. I've been in one wedding and I hated the dress. It was silk taffeta, horribly uncomfortable and unflattering, in the hottest week of the summer...

    I had three different bridesmaids dresses (each girl work the dress that was the most flattering on them). I had options I sent to all of the girls and they picked.

    I have no boobs.

    1. Sometimes I wish I didn't have boobs. I feel like it would make me run faster, and also, I'd spend a whole lot less on bras. We can trade if you'd like!

      I wore a silk-ish dress once in a wedding outside in June in North Carolina. I swear the bride secretly hated us. She also had like ten bridesmaids and groomsmen, so she was basically punishing everyone she knew.

  2. you had me at LEGO - I hope you realized you've inspired me to go out and build my own now. Screw waiting for Logan to be old enough. I used to LOVE building all those creations. here in Ontario there's a lego museum of sorts - super cool if you ever come to Canada :D

    also - great call on eloping. we did and so did Elle (from eat run sail) and no regrets. I love my family but they understood. It was cheaper, and we only had to worry about ourselves.

    I will never understand the girl who complains about what the bride wants either. You're right most of the dresses look bad. I think it's b/c the bride wants to look the hottest. ;)

    sprry for the essay but what a GREAT 3 things!

  3. I was a bridesmaid 3 times - and I got to pick my dress in 2 of them. The one I didn't get to pick was bright blue, shiny and floor length. It wasn't completely horrible but not pretty either.

    I let my sister (my maid of honor) pick the dresses for my wedding. We went with black tea length and it looked great on all 3 of my bridesmaids with no alterations for anyone. They have all since been able to wear the dress again, which was what I was hoping because there is nothing worse than spending $100 on a dress you only wear once.

    My boobs are always trying to escape from swim suits. One time they did in front of my husband's friend. ick.

    1. I think black bridesmaids dresses are kind of genius, because no one can be like, "I hate this color". I don't own a little black dress, so I could have gotten down with that :)

  4. I just told them to pick a black knee to tea length dress. I am so tragically lazy. I wanted a big wedding though. Now I kind of regret not taking the money and running, but it seemed so important at the time. Also, I'm not sure it counts as "eloping" if you go massively in to debt to have an island wedding. I think that's just a destination wedding, but maybe I'm crazy.

    Oh yeah, getting a little passive agressive in the comments. I need a nap.

    1. I never said I'd elope to some crazy island. I'm thinking, like, Myrtle Beach. A 3-hour drive. My grandparents own a cottage. It would cost, like, nothing. Now THAT'S eloping.

  5. No boobs so no issues there. Sometimes I don't even run in a bra if there is no clean ones.
    I didn't even HAVE bridesmaids at my wedding because the organization of it all seemed daunting.

    1. Ok you don't HAVE to wear a sports bra and you had no bridesmaids. You=awesome.

  6. My new FB profile picture is me in a bridesmaid dress! I've been in three weddings and all three let us pick our own style, and I've liked all three. Absolutely not "I would have paid the $200 for this on my own" type of like, but, they were pretty. I picked a color I liked, found out the dress was available on for $40, and went with it. At least one of my bridesmaids has worn it again. I don't think any of them LOVED it, but they loved the price. I'd rather have a cheap - ass ok dress than the $200 option. My friend did your plan (with her sister) and loved it.

  7. I did the exact thing you say you're going to do. I just let Danielle wear whatever dress she wanted and I even had the florist make the colors of the wedding according to her dress choice. I was a lazy bride.

  8. Choosing a pregnant bridesmaid is funny. My closest friend is scheduled to be a bridesmaid when she is seven months pregnant with her third child. It's hard for her to keep up with the wedding prep stuff because she is so tired and has to bring her kids along to some of the planning get-togethers.

    I'll never be a bridesmaid! My college friends and I dumped each other when I got pregnant, and I replaced them with moms of kids Ramsey's age. My mom-friends are all five or six years older than me and already married. The one mom will soon be celebrating her 10-year anniversary! I feel pretty lucky because I think weddings are silly, and I wouldn't want to have to buy an ugly dress and be a part of someone else's special day (I totally don't understand big weddings or funerals - privacy, please!). Like you, I want to elope.

  9. My good friend got married in september and she told us we could pick our own dresses and gave us a color family (teals) and just asked that she see it and "approve" it before we buy. I didn't hate it, and could def wear it again. It's a jewel tone teal cocktail length dress with one shoulder and kind of a poofy skirt. I loved it!

  10. I've been in one wedding - and hated the dress. I still have it in my closet though because of what I spent for it.

    I chose mine because I loved dark green and the A line dresses looked good on all the gals in my wedding. I actually still like them today - but I think the bride is supposed to say that?

    Totally pained by the thought of a spin class in a regular bra, for the record.

  11. DO yourself a favor and elope. Or do a low key destination wedding. I hated wedding planning! It was the worst. I liked the bridesmaids dresses I picked out when I did (almost 9 years ago). Now I look back and say,"what was I thinking." I think they changed a lot of the last 9 years and now there are some pretty cute ones. If you have just your best friend up there than just let her pick! Hmmm, are things going well with the new guy? Is this why you are thinking of this??

  12. I have been in three weddings and I liked but didn't love two of the dresses and the third I loved, but I don't have any pictures of me in it :( I let my bridesmaids pick their own, they just had to be black..

    My boobs could never star in a horror show unless it was a case of the missing boobs.