Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hump day randoms

Dear lady on the bus this morning: Anyone yabbering on as loud and as constant as you were at 7am deserves what karma is surely to be sending your way. I hope it hurts.

Dear bus driver: If you keep driving past my stop every live-long morning, I may need to find out where you live. If you catch my drift.

And I think that's the end of my rants for this morning.

So, I got to the gym and tried out my gym card, hoping it was still going to work even though it looked like, well, a dog tried to eat it.

...and no go. BALLS! I'm being charged an extra $20 for my gym bill this month to pay for a shiny new card.

"affordable". Ha!

It's time for Pippi to get a job if she's going to start destroying things of value. And I was mad about all the tubes of chapstick and lip gloss...

I may have decided on my half marathon shirt.

It's basically what I think every time I remember how many miles a half marathon entails.

I like this one, too, but I'm not so sure about a brown shirt. Brown is the color of poop. Let's face it.


I just checked out the average temperatures in Myrtle Beach, SC in February and the average highs are around 60 degrees. Of course, with the higher than normal temperatures here (three hours from Myrtle Beach), I'm thinking I may be wearing shorts for this race. I wonder what kind of obnoxious running shorts I can find. If they exist, I will find them :)

What kinds of fun things have you worn for a race?


  1. I need that carbivore shirt!

    Doesn't your bus have one of those pull cords for when you get near your stop?

    You might want to check the lows too. A high of 60 still means it can be 35 degrees at the start and that is more capri weather than shorts weather :)

  2. I love the carbivore shirt!

    I've seen a lot of funny running shirts at One More Mile Running...if you're still looking.

  3. Yay, I'm excited, that sounds like perfect running weather! I love both shirts - maybe the carvivore one a tiny bit more? The point one is no joke though. Seriously. I thought it felt like forever until I ran a marathon and found out what point 2 felt like.

  4. My bus driver is on an extreme power trip and won't stop at the bus stop unless you pull the stop cord. Yeah, even though ten of us ALWAYS get off at that stop every.single.morning.

    Am I the only person that decides what to wear to a race the day before the race??

  5. I like to race in my compression shorts because 1. then my legs don't feel like they're going to fall off afterwards and 2. no chafing!

  6. Yeah, that 0.1 is a bitch. Especially if you can see the finish line. You are going to rock that race, though. Preferably in a carbivore shirt because let's just admit we all race for pancakes anyways. And I second the compression shorts. I hate wind shorts and either do compression shorts or capris.

  7. I love the carbivore shirt! I'm with Kara - what's the avg low? If your start time is like 7am, it will be pretty close to the daily low temp. Regardless, I wear shorts in the mid 40s. If you'll have to stand around for a long time before the race starts, buy some cheapo sweatpants to throwaway. My funnest race shirt was Team Bitch in December. That was my first time running with puffy paint!

  8. The sports store near me has these adorable UA and Nike shorts on sale right now. They're obnoxious and amazing, except too short for me. You should check out Sports Authority or Modells