Friday, January 6, 2012

Three hours

What do you think of the redesign? I was getting bored with the previous one. I needed more color in my life.

Last night, after spending three hours at the gym doing various activities, for some reason a conversation with Alyssa made me think of this and I couldn't stop laughing. I woke up the dog and she gave me the stink eye I was laughing so much. This morning it doesn't seem so funny, but humorous nonetheless. Clearly I was just exhausted.

Needless to say, after three hours in the gym, I woke up so extremely sore today and since I have ten miles on the docket for tomorrow, today must be a rest day. It'll be a new PDR by a whole mile. Pray for me :)

All day yesterday, I was having some sort of muscle pain/ache in my ankle. I spent the day rubbing if from time to time, hoping to work out the pain and I ended up making it worse.

A massage therapist, i am not.

So you may be thinking, why would I spend so much time at the gym. Well, for a few reasons. Some of which I'm not at liberty to discuss currently, but the one that I can discuss is that I've gotten soft and I don't like it. I used to work out so hard I'd be sore most days of the week and I had much more muscle definition. Half of every workout was spent doing strength training. Well, then I started running. I've gained endurance and running longer distances is getting easier which is a great feeling, but basically muscle definition everywhere else has suffered. I found a picture on Pinterest that I've "doctored" (ahem...I cropped off chick's head) and titled it "motivation" and it now lives on my computer desktop. Not that I'll ever have this exact body. Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting that, but it's motivating nonetheless.

I wanna be ab-tastic.

Do you laugh out loud at things other people don't "get"?
(Story of my life, by the way)

Do you ever use pictures, rather than sayings, as fitness motivation?


  1. That's totally what my stomach looks like already.

  2. I'm going to use a picture of myself to motivate me. What can I say? I'm a narsassist.

  3. "Some of which I am not at liberty to discuss currently?" You have me intrigued. I have to copy Kari and say I will be using pictures of myself to keep me motivated - fat me and trimmed down me. Works better for me.

    New design = pretty. I need to mess with mine. I am hating it and it makes Kara's eyes bleed.

  4. Woah, nice work on the blog! I'm going to use a picture of cake to motivate me. Or a donut. The donut will be a good reminder that I owe Kara a butt whooping for calling me hormonal.

  5. I'm working on those same abs. We might just end up twins! :) I use pictures all the time. They normally make me angry, and jealous, and then I get up off my butt and do something about it!

  6. You need to make my blog pretty too!

    Are the boobs motivational too? Haha

  7. If the Hot Chocolate people hadn't totally screwed up, you'd only have to run .7 miles past your PDR. Damn them. That was a funny song, thanks for bringing it back like sexy.

  8. That is a great tummy!! I'm intrigued by what you are not at liberty to discuss...

  9. I tend to use items as motivation. A picture, a medal, clothing. Etc. I saved that picture by the way. Hope that ankle feels better!

  10. Hope your ankle feels better soon! I am always laughing when people don't get things. I am rude like that I guess!