Tuesday, January 17, 2012


On Friday I did something I never thought was going to happen: I was able to pay off a credit card! Granted, I have two others with much higher balances, but those aren't accruing interest so I feel ok with paying those off month by month.

I think I'm going to save my old credit cards (with the numbers cut out) and gift cards to create something big and awesome someday.

Like this...but different.

or this...but bigger

ALSO, you guys, this morning I got up before work and was able to get in a 40-minute elliptical workout. Pippi was so confused. She better get used to it! After then doing some weights, I laid back down for a half hour instead of eating breakfast. So, yeah, my morning workout plan isn't flawless, but today is just day one.

Let's talk business a moment. I've got a few more new patterns coming to the shop (including more sparkly ones!). That being said, I've got a ton of older patterns (Noodle Huggers and collars) that I want to move out (they're no longer paying rent). I had an idea of having an auction to sell these items. What do you think? Would you be interested in taking part in an auction for some super amazing Noodle Huggers and fun pet collars?

A couple of culprits:



Run with robots

Would you bid?

Have you ever gotten crafty with old credit or gift cards?

P.S. a sneak peak at a few new patterns...


  1. A. I would bid, of course

    B. No, I don't get crafty with anything.

    You'll hate me for this, but I have never in my life had a credit card balance carry over to the next month. I always pay in full every month. My husband is the same way. Even our cars are paid off, the mortgage is the only thing :)

  2. No one wants the robots? I want your entire stock.

    I still have the same credit card I had in college...I only have one.

  3. I'm too busy hating Kara for her comment too much to focus on what the original question was. I don't get crafty, period, but I'm sure you would come up with something fantastic! I would totally bid!

  4. I would totally bid. Why does no one want the robots? How are the big ones selling?

    1. I've only sold one of the 1.5 inchers but I have hope.

  5. Yeah, Kara can suck it. Actually, I haven't had any credit card debt in years, but I do have a car payment right now and the numbers on my mortgage make me cry (the monthly payments are fine, but the amount of interest it will accrue is insane). Anyways, I would probably bid because I am a sucker for both Noodle Huggers and things that are on sale. I bet there will be a bidding war on the robots.

  6. I'd bid in an auction. Please don't have one because my dog already has like four collars and I know I'll just end up buying her more. They are SO cute I can't resist!

    1. Pippi probably gets a new one every month. You are not alone :)

  7. I'm not very crafty, although I try to be crafty fairly regularly.

    We paid off a credit card this month too! WOOT!

  8. I think Sasha needs a new necklace (collar) but Allan hates if I pick something girly so if I can get him to sit down and pick one from your shop you will have an order from us soon!