Monday, December 19, 2011

Another new training plan?

What does Pippi think of all this Christmas preparation?

(this picture was taken before the squirt bottles and the
"no dogs on the couch" rule).

After again skipping out on my long run this weekend due to the nagging to-do list in my head, I've decided I need a new training plan. (Yes, again).

The idea that I run three days a week and cross-train twice and I will just figure out the days when they come just doesn't work for me. I need more structure. I guess if I didn't need the cross training to break up the running days, it would be easier. But I need the variety. This week and next are a little weird because I had to plan them around travel and Christmas vacation, but I plan to stick to this plan like it's my job. I kind of wish it was my  job. How awesome would that be? Oh, and I'll be adding weight training to the running days, too. I miss my killer arms and abs :)

On Saturday I made a cake for my brother, sister-in-law, and me for our birthdays. I knew it had to be artsy. And delicious.

I can tell you from experience that there are way more orange and blue m&ms in a pack than any other color. I ran out of yellow the fastest. Dessert/science experiment.

Jeremy was surprised that I didn't either have all the "m"s
facing up or facing down. Apparently I'm not OCD enough.

Did you bake anything delicious this weekend?

Does your dog (or other pet) sleep in strange positions?

If you are following a training plan, how did you decide which one to use?


  1. Riley sleeps spread eagle on his back to show all his goodies to us. Annie is pretty normal.

    I made no-bake cookies only to find out the hubby doesn't like them much. Go me! He tried to do Oreo Truffles but f'd them up. Not looking forward to seeing how those taste! That cake looks scrumptious & I want a piece! Tweet me one? LOL

  2. No dogs on the couch? Who will you cuddle with then???? We're thinking about getting new couches, but even then, Bungee's allowed up. She's my personal heater in the winter.

    That cake is freaking awesome. I didn't bake anything this weekend. I was too busy hauling around the treadmill and trying to stop Mike from murdering me.

  3. That cake looks awesome! I'm not good enough to bake anything lately. :)

    My dog likes to sleep on her back upside down. Truly odd.

    As for training plans - I tend to write my own after looking at a lot of others in a spreadsheet. I may have a spreadsheet problem.

  4. I'm also shocked you didn't have all the "M"s in line facing the same way. :)

    I always use a training plan as a blue print or general idea, but end up just doing what I want and staying with the same mileage (meaning speedwork, what speedwork?)

  5. My training plans are never set in stone. I actually need to come up with something since I signed up for a half in June :)

    I made English Toffee over the yummy!

  6. The cake looks sooo cute. I will have to try that!

    Uhh, the training plans, i usually just go with the "free" ones. Cheap I know!

  7. Christie, I would never pay for a plan with all the resources out there. I'm with you ;-)

  8. Mandy is not fully describing how bizarrely her dog sleeps. The dog is on her back with her legs hugging the couch. And she does not move. At all. Anyways, I just put up a picture of Delilah in her pillow fort. Totally coincidence, but that picture is now for you.

  9. How long did that take to put all the M&Ms on? I'm impressed with your stamina! My red velvet cookies were yet another hit this weekend, and I still need to find a training plan! I basically look at my training plan like I look at my syllabuses. If there's an "assignment" (aka run) due, whether I like it or not, I better find a way to fit it in. A doctor's note is the only acceptable excuse :)

  10. That is the neatest looking cake I've ever seen! You did a great job!