Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A shout out

Remember that dreaded race, and the car magnet I designed and ordered to commemorate the fact that we came, we (finally) ran, we... survived?

In case you need a refresher, here she is

I had decided that, since I couldn't find a "15k" magnet in any stores or even online, I'd make my own. This idea skyrocketed into what you see above.

After doing some research on where I could order custom car magnets, I stumbled upon They have a ton of options for products you can customize and order, from car magnets in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and themes (hello dog bone); to window monogram decals; and even yard signs and key chains. Really, that's just a small sampling of items they offer. Using their simple online design tool, I added the text I wanted and voila! You can also add clipart and/or upload an image from your computer. Super simple.

Without further ado, *ta da*...the magnets in action.

Please excuse my dirty bumper. And also notice three states represented on
the back of my Jeep :)

Kari was a brave soul and braved the rain for a picture of hers.

One hindrance/bonus (depending on your needs) I noticed about ordering from is that, in order to keep your cost low, you need to order in bulk. The more you order, the less items cost per piece. I will also add that their customer service is awesome. The next time I need to order products for work, I'm definitely going to keep them in mind.

You should, too! If you plan on ordering any personalized or custom products and would like to save 15%, use the code inthebetween at checkout (through March 1, 2012).

Bob the owl says "DO IT".

In other news, I'm keeping up with my new training plan. Today is cross-training. My legs are freaking thrilled. Tomorrow I'm heading to VA for Christmas; my first time with a dog. I feel like I may need a drink once I get there. Wish me luck!


  1. Give Pippi some Benadryl before you. I give Peanut 2 of them before a long car trip. :)

  2. If you really want to make it easy on yourself, give her children's Benadryl. Tastes like candy. If you've never taken her on a long car ride, you might want to take just-in-case Dramamine (although I don't think you can mix that with Benadryl). Halfway through Rufus' first trip to PA he started vomiting uncontrollably. Turns out he get car sick.

  3. I love my new magnet! I'll send you a pic from my new iphone tomorrow.

  4. Oh my, the magnets I could design! That looks awesome!! Good luck with traveling with Pippi! The first dog we had used to get car sick and we had to give her medicine. I can't remember what it was but it worked. Too bad she always looked stoned!

  5. Bungee just conks out in the car, so she's a great traveller. A way better traveller than me who just annoys the crap out of Mike the whole time.

    You're lucky, you tweeted you wanted the picture, right as I got out of the car :)

  6. Your magnet looks great! Hope you have a good trip with the pup. Mine is usually ok once we get on the highway; when it's stop-and-go she keeps getting up to look out. Putting her big comfy dog bed in the car helps her to zonk out though.

  7. The magnet is awesome! So glad you ordered this. I have a feeling other people may get one of their own!