Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sex in March should be off limits

My family likes to make December way more stressful than it already is.

How so? The December birthdays in my family are as follows:

13th - brother, me
16th - dad, sister-in-law
17th - cousin
23rd - mom
24th - cousin
Total: 7

Pippi literally missed the list by days.

To be fair, Jeremy and I were born six weeks early, so had we not been premature, we'd have been born in January. Growing up, my family had one rule...that we don't marry someone born in December. Luckily this wasn't a "if you do it, we will disown you" sort of rule or my brother would currently be blacklisted.

In other news: Happy Birthday today to my twin brother (and me) :)

There's no question this one was taken in the early 80's.

I'd be done shopping for December by now if it weren't for all these dang birthdays! I only have one gift left: one for my mom. Any ideas??


  1. I'm totally going to have unprotected sex in March.

    Happy birthday.

  2. Happppppy Birthday! Hope it's great!

  3. Happy Birtday! That picture is so cute. I swear I had those same jammies as you.

    One of my best friends birthday is on Christmas day. And his name is Chris. I always get him 2 presents though since I'm sure he got slighted plenty of times as a kiddo. :)

  4. Happy, happy birthday! I have always loved my June birthday since it's a perfect six months away from Christmas :) I can also blame my multiple personalities on the twins ;)

  5. happy birthday to you both! Have a glorious birthday. Also, loving the new background, I feel like it's going to start pulsing and give me a seizure.

  6. Happy birthday! Mine falls around Thanksgiving and I get screwed on presents. I'd hate to be in your family this time of year!

    Hope it is a great day!

  7. Happy Birthday! We're lucky that all of our birthdays are in different months, although one is right after Thanksgiving and one is right after New Year's, so they still get in the holiday mix.

  8. As much as I wanted to get pregnant, I was kind of glad for my future kid when we didn't conceive a December baby. Too close to Christmas. And to be fair, technically you weren't conceived in March. And you know dogs have way shorter gestation, right? Pippi's parents were bangin' way later in the year.

    Happy birthday!

  9. You realize this post is sort of talking about your parents having sex, right?


  10. Happy Birthday to you and your brother!!!