Thursday, December 29, 2011

Resolution: to be more awesome than last year

Well, my friends, good news for me but bad news for all who guessed...not one person asked me about dating anyone or having a boyfriend while I was home for Christmas! That's really an unheard of number. To be fair, I only actually saw about half the family members I was expecting to see; including only two of my four grandparents. Sorry friends, no winners this time.

And now, one of the things I loathe this time of year: that nagging question about a resolution for the new year. What do I resolve to do in 2012? Set goals instead of resolutions.

My least favorite time at the gym is January. Why? I can only assume it's because the majority of America resolves to "get in shape" or "lose weight" in the new year. Because of this, the gym is always packed for the first two to three weeks of the year while everyone is gung-ho and then, for whatever reason, by February the crowd thins out. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for people getting in shape and being healthier, but isn't a resolution supposed to be a year-long thing instead of a January-long thing?

So anyhow, I've given some thought to my running/workout goals for the coming year. Since I can't afford to register for many more races but I want to keep up my training, I've set a goal to run 700 miles in 2012. I've also set a "strength" goal of being able to do a pull-up. How it's possible that someone who works out so much cannot do a pull-up is a mystery to me. 2012 is the year. I will do it!

I will conquer you, evil bar of my nightmares.

In other news, have you checked out the new products in the shop? Among them, we have...sparkles :)

What goals do you have for 2012?
(Not resolutions!)

Do you have a Little Slice of Awesome wish list?


  1. Love the pull up goal - I've never been able to do them either, though I honestly haven't tried in forever...maybe I need to make this a goal too!

  2. Oh, the elusive pull up. Put me down for that too.

    I'm doing a mileage goal too...I will need to make better use of daily mile for this one haha

  3. I have made that pull up goal, and failed, so maybe I should get back to it. We even have a pull up bar in our house! Every year I resolve to be more patient - still haven't crossed that one off the list. You can easily do 700 miles!

  4. I have done a pull up before. It's not easy!

    My only goal is to become more awesome. Everyday I get a little closer.

  5. I literally cannot wait to see the gym parking lot when I drive by in january. It's hilarious. Granted, if I was going to the gym I'd hate it.

    I'd like to be able to do a pull-up, but not enough to actually train to be able to do it.

  6. I can't believe no one asked! Gasp! I am sure other questions abounded though - very uncomfortable ones!

    I am still trying to come up with my goals - I am so all over the place with this. I am not looking forward to the 2012 resolution people at the gym. Thankfully my place is expanding and didn't do any Groupons or Living Social deals so less people that are new but still!

    Good luck with the pull up.

  7. My resolution is to not make any resolutions. I was working towards doing an unassisted pull-up pre-parasite and I really want to work on it again. I actually used to stop going to the gym for a month in January just to avoid the insanity. That's why it's nice that running can be outside.

    My Slice of Awesome wishlist is one of everything.

  8. I think I was able to do pull ups back when I was in elementary school. Back when I was able to do the monkey bars well (have you tried now that you are grown up? it's hard!)

    Luckily my gym membership expired 12/31...and it's currently 55 here in NJ. And bootcamp doesn't start up again until mid to late January. So I will try to hold out on re-upping at the gym and avoid the resolution gym goers.

    You can do 700 miles!! Mentally break it down into a weekly average of miles and it will sound less scary.

    I like the sparkles!!