Friday, December 2, 2011

The greatness of "home"

I woke up to to the most amazingly wonderful smell on the planet. A smell that could ruin my race tomorrow.

I'm taunting you!

My mom and stepdad are amazingly awesome and left some regular (read: full caffeine) coffee for me, however, I had to resist. It's still sitting over there, in the pot, staring at me. But instead, I boiled some water and put in a decaf instant coffee bag. Yeah, not nearly the same. I sense a Starbucks run in my near future.

However, as I was opening the cabinet to get a mug, I saw something that made me forget about that evil coffee pot for a few seconds.


Like I said, amazingly awesome :)

Last night my mom and I made lasagna. She told me earlier in the week, "Do you want anything specific for dinner on Thursday? I remember something about carb loading from when you were on the swim team". And then she told me we were making lasagna and while it was in the oven we decorated the Christmas tree. I'm so glad I traveled up a day early!

My mom told me last night that he coworkers were impressed that I'm running nine miles tomorrow. I didn't have the heart to tell her about Kara and Alyssa running 50 and 55-miles races.

Another awesome thing? They got a treadmill a few months ago and they HAVEN'T USED IT! Not once! I'll let that sink in a while.

Yeah...I'm pretty sure I'll be on it Sunday morning. Happy early birthday to me!

What are YOU excited about for the weekend?

Are your parents totally awesome, too?


  1. My parents are amazing, they sound a lot like yours. Is your plan to try to "borrow" the treadmill and house it with you in NC? You are a stronger woman than I for resisting the coffee.


  2. My favorite is when my dad comes over and mows my lawn because I'm a busy, single mom with too much yard to take care of :)

    To help with the carbo loading, I suggest pre-gaming with some chocolate tonight!

  3. OBVIOUSLY i'm psyched for the weekend!

    Way to stay strong and resist the reg. coffee. I'll buy you a giant decaf from starbucks when we get together.

  4. Good job resisting the coffee! Your parents sound amazing! What a nice visit!

    Good luck with the race tomorrow! You'll rock it!

  5. Good luck in your race! On a side note, I got the collar I bought from Little Slice of Awesome and I LOVE it!!! (It is the pig collar) I am giving it to my dog for Christmas and can't wait to see it on her! Thank you! I think I might have to at least buy a Grinch collar too before Christmas...

  6. How sweet! I love being home with my parents.

  7. I love staying with my parents. No matter how old I get I always love being with mom and dad! Good luck on the race!!