Thursday, December 1, 2011

The adventure begins

I spent the first part of the first day of my birth month driving to Virginia. Twenty nine years and 353 days ago, I was born (that is, if I'm doing my math correctly. I've got "road brain"). That's 10,938 days, or 262,512 hours (not taking into consideration leap year days). If I don't think of it that way, then 30 years seems like a lot. But i'm not actually thirty yet, so why are we even discussing this?! Geez.

Ok, back to the drive. Is it just me, or is this seeming more and more like a necessity?

I find it humorous that the license plate is from Canada.

When I drive, I'm not a dawdler. I like to just get there. People driving slow in the fast lane? My nemesis. I just completely scared the crap out of Kari, who will be riding with me for a couple of hours tomorrow to Kara's house. (Don't worry, Kari, I haven't killed anyone yet :). Today was the drive to my mom's and then tomorrow will be my drive to Vienna, VA to pick up Kari, and then we are heading to Kara's in Maryland so we're closer to the race location in DC. (Don't worry, it really does make sense).

Kara has promised us pizza for dinner tomorrow before our race on Saturday morning....along with pillow fighting and puffy painting. What? Isn't that everyone's pre-race ritual? Because it's soon to be mine for all races (Alyssa, get ready for Myrtle Beach)!

One more thing about driving that hurts my brain...grammatical errors on signs. Anyone else? My two "favorites" are

I assume there is no magical force that will be reducing my speed for me somewhere in the future. For the LOVE either remove the last "d" on "reduced" or make it "reduced speed limit ahead". Before I find you and kick you.

How about "Speed limit detected by aircraft"?

Unless this is their actual intention:

I'd love to see it in action.

What's your least favorite part about car travel?


  1. I have the most ridiculous road rage. Plus, I learned to drive in new england. We are notorious for being aggressive drivers. I'm going to relish the ride.

  2. "Friendly Neighbors to the North," eh?

  3. I can't stand slow drivers in the fast lane!!!

  4. Maryland and Virginia drivers suck hardcore. Puffy painting and pizza are already my pre-race rituals, so adding pillow fighting is only natural.

  5. I needed that car last Sunday driving back to NJ from Rochester, NY. Instead, I used mind bullets. Especially when people drive under the speed limit in the middle lane.

    I've developed some angry driving in my 6.5 years in NJ. Here, determining the amount of space you leave between you and the car in front of you is a science. You think you're following at a safe distance so you don't rear-end if the car in front of you stops suddenly, like many would learn in a non-aggressive driving state. But to many NJ natives, that small amount of space is actually an invitation for them to pull in front of you. And when someone creeps just in front of you in the next lane over without a blinker, you can just assume they are going to cut you off.

  6. Oh be careful of that aircraft enforced speed limit. I found out the hard way that you can indeed get a ticket from an airplane...well actually a police car pulled me over but just because the airplane told it I was going 90mph. Have fun at the race and drive safe!

  7. Omg all of those things. Im a pro driver (at least I drive enough to feel like one) and I HATE people who drive slow in the fast lane. And road construction. I live in Omaha and have a cabin in northern Minnesota, which translates into a ton of driving down I-29 thru ungodly amounts of "reduced (sic) speed ahead" signs. It sucks. My road rage is not good.

  8. This post has me laughing out usual. All I have to say.