Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My family thinks I'm psychic

I'm beginning to think I need a vacation from life. Things are driving me nuts. Yes, things.

I'd give valuable things to be that person right now.

One thing is: trying to plan a celebration/party for your 30th birthday... in December. Everyone already has plans! It's ridiculous. To be fair, this time last year, a certain person said she was going to plan a really awesome party...with out-of-town family, renting out a room at a nice restaurant, the whole shebang. I asked several times throughout the year if she needed help planning and was turned down because, "I'm going to plan it". And now here we are, birthday week, and I'm stuck trying to plan something last-minute because someone didn't do their job. This is why I'd rather just plan things. At least I know they'll get done. A little livid? Yes. A little.

(And again, to be fair, this person's birthday is three days after mine, so it would be a celebration of her birthday, too).

The next thing is: My family thinks I'm psychic. "What does so-and-so want for Christmas?" "When are So-and-So coming up to visit?" "How does so-and-so like his job?" I don't effing know. Ask SO-AND-SO!

While I know that neither of these things is earth shattering and it's like "Dude, could your problems be any more First World?", I'm still annoyed. It's my right as a person.

In other news, for my birthday yesterday, Lee sent me the most unique and amazing thing ever.

I cannot wait to try some of these recipes! Most of them sound delicious, like Capitol-Grade Dark Chocolate Cake and District 3 Dinner Rolls, and then there are a few that are...questionable, like Small Critter Casserole and Grilled Tree Rat with Peanut Butter Dipping Sauce.

This Friday is our Holiday Luncheon at work, and I'm thinking of trying out one of the desserts. I'll definitely be posting about it when I do. I also told Lee that I'd send him some of the baked goods that I try. So. Excited.

What's one of the most memorable gifts you've received?

Is there something your family does that drives you insane?


  1. I guessed who the party culprit was, but your last post confirmed my assumption. What. a. shock.

    We've discussed my family, so I think you know the answer to that question.

    I don't understand why you aren't making Small Critter Casserole for work. What meat do they actually have you use for those?

  2. That cookbook sounds kind of awesome. Definitely post when you make the recipes!

    That seriously sucks about your birthday and also reminds me that I need to get cracking on planning something for Mike's! Yikes.

  3. At least your family thinks you're just psychic, mine thinks I'm psychotic. :)

    I'm pissed about your botched birthday party!

    also, one of your ads is a ginger chick with unzipped pants. Whyyyyyyyyy

  4. Since you talked up the book so much, I had to get my own copy. I'm still gonna look forward to samples though!

    And next time you are up in DC let me know and we can cook something weird from the book.

  5. Bummer on the birthday bash!! I'd love to try some desserts to! :)

  6. Good luck planning a last minute party. That cookbook is so funny. I think I would pass on anything with critters or rats. I loved those books. It will be interesting to see how the movies are.

  7. That cookbook sounds awesome. I can't wait to see how the recipes turn out.

    Bummer on the party. This is why I don't allow others to plan things for me. Or maybe I just have control issues. Nah - that can't be it.

  8. I would be pretty angry about the birthday party planning as well. It's HARD this time of year to plan anything!

  9. WTF. That's bullshit. I love how your fam doesn't read the blog though so you can post about it.

    Email me immediately once you make some groosling.

  10. This cookbook looks amazing!! I need this for Christmas :)

  11. ugh, yes, a december birthday would be such a challenge. my daughter's is the end of January, but I feel like there's such a short window to plan anything by the time the holidays are wrapped up.