Thursday, December 8, 2011

A virtual 5k and things that should be outlawed

Before I get into the meat of the post, I want to tell you about running my first virtual 5k yesterday.

Courtney held the virtual 5k in remembrance of her daughter, Ashlyn. I've never done a virtual race, and this one could have gone better, but knowing that I had committed to doing it for a good cause and was already a day late on completing it, I kept going. I really wanted to run outside, but it was pouring out so I took a detour and hopped on the treadmill at my gym. I'm pretty sure those treadmills are pieces of junk sent to earth to destroy my ankles, but I got it done in 30 minutes.

And now onto the meat...Things I just don't "get"
(or where my brain goes when I have too much time to think.)

  • Some of the deals for my area (central North Carolina) on Groupon and LivingSocial:
    • $899 for Six Zerona Laser Body-Contouring Treatments (Up to $2,370 Value)
      Painless lasers shine through outer skin layers to liquefy subcutaneous fat & create inch reduction through natural waste systems

      No, I don't live in Beverly Hills. And no, I don't actually believe this would work. And no, I don't understand the explanation either.
      Shockingly enough, 42 people have currently bought this.

    • Up to 78% Off Haircut or Extensions
      For $199, you get a hair-extension package (up to a $475 total value) that includes:
      • Malaysian micro-link hair extensions (up to a $275 value)
      • $200 toward other hair extensions
        Hair...extensions? Really?
  • Detoxing/Cleansing
    Every day I poop and I pee and that's pretty much the way my body handles the food and drink and excess vitamins and things that I put into it. If I feel my pants fitting a bit too tight, I cut back on the junky food and up my workouts. When I feel grimy, I take a shower. Why why why are detoxing/cleansing plans so popular?!
    I like food...and bathing.

  • The minidress + cowboy boots look
    Whenever I see someone in this getup, I can't help
    but think how stinky her feet must be.

  • Enough said.

  •  People considering pictures like this to be inspiration:
    There's nothing inspiring about looking like you may have an
    eating disorder.

  • People who only need three hours of sleep a night.
    Try to give me only three hours of sleep a night and see how long I let you live.

  • Not liking peanut butterTHE greatest food ever invented! Where do these peanut butter haters come from?! That place should be outlawed.
 What did I miss? Is there anything that you just don't "get" that you'd add to this list?


  1. Ok, those are chicken legs. That makes me want to send 12 cents a day to feed those chicks. Wait, they're starving in Africa, right?

    I'm wearing a mini skirt with cowboy boots right now. Don't worry, I have socks on under my boots.

  2. We have the same kinda groupon about the laser lipo stuff here today to. Our's is much more affordable and probably works the same, not at all! I clicked on it and they didn't show me any before and after pictures. I gotta see results people. Ummm, I'm one who has to take detox tea in order to go ummm, #2. It sucks but my body is whacked. I've been to the dr, had tests ran, no luck here. So I gotta go along with doing the detox stuff.

  3. Good job getting the 5K done! I agree with a lot of those things you don't get. One of my daughter's hates peanut butter and it is so crazy weird!! The only thing I can't agree with is mini dress and boots, I love the look! I refuse to spend the money to get cute cowboy boots though, so I won't be rocking it!

  4. Good job on the 5K - glad I'm not the only one late.

    HA! I think the picture on the about me section of my blog shows me in a skirt with boots! :)

  5. Agreed, agreed, agreed,agreed on it all! My mom got those detox things once. Really mom, really!?

  6. Great job on the 5K! I hate the dress with cowboy boots look almost as much as I hate Nike tempo shorts with ugg boots!

  7. I do not understand this detoxing crap. That's what your liver is for. Duh.

  8. I don't understand how a laser contours your body and how anyone would spend $200 on hair extensions. What if you're in public and they fall out?

    I've heard of those detox foot patches, I don't even understand them. They pull the toxins out of your feet while you sleep? Sounds bogus to me.
    I love the duckface picture. And I don't think I have ever made that face. I especially wouldn't if I had Angelina Jolie lips like the girl on the right.

    And I have said it before...a) if I have children, and b) if they have a peanut allergy, I may disown them and send them to boarding school so I could continue to eat peanut butter all over my house.

  9. Emily, you are just so silly, doing things like "working out more" and "eating less junk food" are HARD, and putting some crap on your foot while you sleep is EASY. DUH. Plus free radicals are floating around everywhere, you need to get that shit out, or they will attack your body from the inside out when you least expect it if you don't do that foot thing.

    Eric can seriously stay up 3-4 hours later than me, get up around the same time, and have just as much, if not more energy. It pisses me off/makes me sorry for him that he can't enjoy sleep as much as me.

    I'm with Amanda. I'm not living a life without Reese's for anyone.

  10. It boggles my mind when people don't like pb.