Monday, March 5, 2012

A weekend of apps and Cheerios

What did I do this weekend? A lot of my new game obsession: Draw Something Free.

This had me laughing this weekend. If you have a smart phone, come play with me! (No, I'm not begging. Well, not really... ok, I really am).

This is one clue I couldn't wrap my head around. In order to get three coins I'd have to draw a "raekwon". Umm...WTF? (I get that he's a rapper, but still. WTF?) I opted to draw "homerun".

You know when they advertise something on tv and you really really want to try it, but can't find it anywhere? Ever since I'd seen Peanut Butter Cheerios advertised, I knew I had to have them. I FINALLY found them at Target!

Amazing wrapped in amazingness, with a side of yumm.

My dinner on Saturday was two bowls of it. Delicious!

Today I'm working from home and I'm getting ready to take on a lunchtime workout. I was going to get some miles in, but since I'm the only one home, I figure it's as good a time as any to try my Nike Training Club app

I downloaded it months ago and have yet to try out. It looks pretty awesome. I'll fill you in tomorrow.

What are the dogs doing while I'm working at home?
They're extremely busy keeping the house from blowing away.

When was the last time you tried a new workout? Did you enjoy it?


  1. A new workout?'s been a while. :)

    Those dog are exhausted from watching you work all morning!

  2. I'm working from home too and Bungee is conked out next to me.

    I don't do new workouts.

  3. game sounds fun, I don't know what a raekwon is though. Target has lots of fun surprises in the grocery aisles. New workout: I switched to running on hills all.the.time. two and a half weeks ago. I can't wait to find a flat race course. Does a joining a running group count as a new workout?

    1. I'll take joining a running group! I don't have enough balls to do it :)

  4. Yum, I need some of those cheerios.

    Also, why am I the only one without a smartphone?

    1. I just got mine like two weeks ago. It's not just you.

  5. I just got that game! Haven't tried it yet. I swear every day someone tweets about those damn cheerios and I still can't find them. My sister's friend did yesterday so at least I know that when I visit home in a few months I can get them. We are totally going to play the drawing game.

    Does actually taking biking and swimming seriously count as a new workout?

  6. I just got that game, and I'll play you! However, how do I find you?

    I suck, so ya know, you'll probably kick my butt ;)

  7. Hmmm, I need to see if that app is on my Droid Marketplace. Looks fun. I don't like Cheerio's (yes, the horror) but I'd bet I like peanut butter. Our dogs lay around all day - sometimes with me and sometimes in another room. And my Riley boy likes to take apart our bed. Jealous of their lives.