Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Balls all over the furniture

This morning my friend asked me if there's any furniture I've been looking at. If I'm being totally honest, the only furniture I actually own is my bedroom set. He seems to think that I'll get a lot of things if I have a house-warming party. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't people get, like, wine and spatulas and brooms at house-warming parties? Apparently he's only been to house-warming parties of people with rich friends and family.

You think I can convince anyone that I need this?

Colorful BALLS!

Aaaaaand the ottoman. Amazing.

I think as far as furniture goes, the only things I'm not getting handed down to me are guest room furniture, a living room TV and stand, and random end tables and things. My mom has a couch (that they hate but haven't found anyone to give it to yet :-P), my brother and SIL basically want to replace everything and are looking for an excuse to give things to me...the kitchen table, silverware, and they want me to take the couch, but I'm pretty sure it would take up the entire first floor. I can only hope someone has bedroom furniture they don't want for a guest room. :)

Two things I've decided I want to do somewhere in my future dwelling are a "wall of letters" and a striped wall.

...but not in alphabetical order. How lame!

I question my ability to paint straight

So far I have an "H". If you have any ideas for fun (cheap!) letters, let me know. They all need to be different. If I were a teacher, I'd give the most awesome homework assignments.


  1. I think you use tape to paint straight lines, but I don't do wacky shit like that. :)

    All of our furniture except for the master bedroom set and the entertainment center is hand me down in my house. We are living the dream.

    My tip is for you to have your mom in NOVA be willing to pick up stuff for you. Keep your eye on the "free" section on Craig's List and have her willing to go fetch. I know people that got SWEET stuff from that!

  2. I don't think I've ever actually been to a housewarming party.

    When we bought our house, we got a bunch of random stuff from family and friends. We've only recently started buying stuff of our own (that actually matches). It's fun to live in a house for a while and decide what you actually want.

  3. Nicole and Mike had a housewarming party and got some nice stuff (no furniture, though). I'll keep an eye out for letters. I love the striped wall! Our school has this weird idea about homework assignments practicing academic skills.....

  4. I could probably hook you up with an "M" after I get married to Mr. Munoz in October :)

    Go to goodwill and grab some funky ugly furniture, go to michaels and buy pompom balls, then create the furniture of your dreams ;)

  5. Letters- all I've got is going to Michaels, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore. Whatever you have near you. Or all of them. That way you'd find some different looking letters. Etsy too.

    We bought new bedroom furniture when we moved to CA. Everything else is hand-me-down and not matching (guest bed/our old bed, couch, kitchen table+chairs, computer desk). Over the past 6 years we bought ourselves a futon (former guest bed), Targetcoffee table, and Ikea kitchen cart.

    I feel like the things we bought have been one piece at a time, really spread out, so nothing really matches. It would be awesome to start over and buy new things all at the same time so we could have rooms with some kind of consistent color theme. So it's kind of like we live in a college apartment still, just bigger.

    I like Andrea's DIY pompom idea.

  6. PS, There are Balls all over your header too. You must really like Balls.

  7. Oh I love that chair!

    Yes, tape to paint the lines. It's actually not that hard.

    Have you thought about a photo wall? We have one in our hallway and I love it.

  8. you could have everyone decorate a letter at your housewarming party. I seen that on pinterest, for a baby shower. Maybe that's dumb, I would be afraid that someone's letter wasn't cool enough. How about foam core, then you could cover with fabric, paper, twine, etc. ?

  9. The title of this post made me think you had a new boyfriend. Or a new male dog. I am not mature. And yeah, I thought housewarming just meant wine and maybe some flowers. If people are buying furniture than I'm having one!