Friday, March 23, 2012

Don't be a dummy

Ok, don't beat me up for this, but I can't believe it's already Friday. I feel like this week has swallowed up all my time. Somehow.

I may be crude at times, but I would not
wear this.

One thing I'm officially sick of thinking and talking about? MONEY! For the love! The process of buying a house is mentally draining and I'm now more anxious than normal about saving money. The highlight of my week was being pre-approved for a home loan. Somehow I've got the bank convinced I'm a responsible adult. Suckers ;-)
I wonder if I can get one of these at

NOW before I can continue moving forward in the process, I have to meet with a financial counselor (MORE talk about money) next week. I made an appointment for Wednesday but if I have to wait that long, I think I'll end up in a straight jacket. I'm trying to get it over with on Monday but we'll see how that goes. I hate waiting for people to call me back.

I've now been out to see the town homes I'm on the wait list for three times, and we plan on going back on Sunday to get a look at the progress on the inside. They've made a ton of progress, and I decided which one I want (no, but really, not getting my hopes up...)

I want my porta potty back!

Speaking of money, I've got something to run by you because it makes no sense to me.

I have two credit cards. They are both 0% interest cards and one of them is going to be charging interest starting in April, but has a "0% interest until 2013 on balance transfers" deal. Now, that's awesome, right? I transfer the other card to this one and continue paying no interest until next year. Sweet! Just to make sure, I talked to someone at the company who let me know that the balance transfer has a 0% APR, but the payments after that will have a 19.99% APR. Umm...what?! How is that a deal and why on God's green earth would anyone sign up for that? No wonder people are in such debt crisis in this country. So, if someone has a balance of $2,000 on their card, they are paying $400 extra dollars in a year that they didn't actually spend?! America, DO YOUR RESEARCH! This puzzles me so much. Yeah, I won't be taking part in that "deal".

This weekend I will be resuming running! If that Daily Mile app over there --->  doesn't reflect at least two running workouts between today and Sunday, I give you permission to come beat me up. Yes, I really just wrote that.

Any fun weekend plans?

Have you ever met with a financial adviser? If so, was it helpful?

Do you know where I can get a money tree?


  1. People take that deal because they don't bother calling, like you did. Good work doing your research! Also, currently, all of the ads on your blog are credit card offers.

    We bought a house and got married within two months. Getting married was far less stressful. Buying a house is AWFUL, but worth it.

  2. bwahahahahaa. swallow. hahah. I am a 12 year old boy.

  3. I never pay attention to credit card APRs, because I never carry a balance on them. So I'll deal with a high APR if it means good cashback rewards or something like that.

    Also, you should send that shirt to that healthy living chick that Kara made me troll the other day. She deleted my comment about swallowing.

    1. Well aren't you Wealthy McAwesome.

      And I totally agree with the second statement.

    2. not wealthy, just not dumb with money.

  4. I don't pay any attention to the interest rates on my credit cards but I don't carry a balance so it's a mute point. I'm amazed at how many people who plan to carry a balance don't bother to look at things like that. Once they hear interest free it's downhill from there.

  5. I don't do financial stuff. That's why I have a sugar daddy.

  6. I have been looking for our money tree but it must have been stolen! I am so glad you found it!

    The credit cards do that because they can. People aren't smart and call like you. Wow. Just wow.

  7. It's getting closer and closer and more real! I used to do all my financial basics but then Eric took over and set up things like retirement funds so I think things are better now.

  8. How exciting!! If you find one of those money trees, please let me know....I could use one about now. :)