Friday, March 30, 2012

My dog is an evil genius

Last night I embarked on an adventure. Since, when I am living on my own, I won't have help clipping Pippi's nails, I decided to try to do it myself last night. I waited until she was calmly lying on the bed, drifting in and out of sleep, and I approached her by first rubbing her belly and playing with her feet and she was fine. THE second I grabbed the clipper, it was like she became possessed. She wiggled and pushed and pulled and tried to get her foot away. I tried laying on her and putting her in a headlock, but even though I outweigh her by 80 pounds, I was unable to prevail. I fought the dog and the dog won. Seriously.

I almost wish I had video-taped it because it may have been almost as funny as this:

If I had done that with Pippi, I'd have no teeth. This dude is either seriously trusting or seriously stupid.

This morning, when I was getting ready for work, she was stretching out on the carpet beside me and decided to dig her paw into my foot and make my toe bleed with her unclipped claws. She's like the evil genius of payback.

Ironically, I received the "Love Me Love My Dog" print I ordered in the mail yesterday and framed it with the frame I'd bought just for it.
I may love her, but sometimes she can be a real jerk.

To add to my evening of FAIL, I was forced to get on the elliptical instead of going for a run after work because I was so incredibly dizzy. When I got off the elliptical, it was almost like I had drank a couple glasses of wine, but just in the "when I turn my head things are weird", not in the "wee, I feel great" way. Being the helpful friends that they are, Kara, Alyssa, and Amanda suggested that I take the first ENT's advice and gain a bunch of weight because it might help with the dizziness. While eating nothing but ice cream and peanut butter sounds tempting, I'm sure I'd get sick of them quickly, and I can't afford to replace all of my clothes for bigger ones.

It doesn't get any closer to a 10-minute elliptical mile.

I'm hoping tomorrow's long run isn't a dizzy one. Fingers crossed! Plus, I've got houses to see!



  1. Love the above quote. So true:) I hate clipping my dogs nails. They are pretty good about it, but I always worry I will clip too far. Good luck on the house hunt!

  2. Peanut lets me do whatever I want to her. She knows in a battle to the death that I'd win.

  3. I thankfully have my hubby to cut their nails. They act like freaks when I am around and he does it. We've had far too many times where we have had to flour a paw. And that man is just stupid.

  4. I normally do the dogs' nails, but my MIL offered to get them professionally done so now I can just shave them down once a week with a dremel. Win.

  5. Bungee doesn't like having her nails cut, but she knows I'm the boss. Also, if you run with Pippi, it'll file her nails down so you don't have to cut them ever.

    Ugh, dizzy runs are THE worst. Have you gone of another opinion on what it could be? It stinks that even changing your diet didn't help!

  6. I still don't see the problem. Eat some ice cream, gain a few, possible solution. You won't need new clothes if you gain five pounds. I do that all the time. Sounds way easier than battling with a dog to me.

  7. I win with my dog mostly because I'm more stubborn.

    That guy looks like an idiot - LOL - my teeth hurt just watching that!