Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mister Potatoehead is a runner

Wow, thanks to you all for the support on yesterday's post! I'm definitely feeling much more confident now about the 15k AND of my planned 8-miler (again) this weekend!

Today will be a cross-training day after work and then tomorrow morning I'm going to get in five miles before the Thanksgiving festivities begin. I really wanted to run yesterday after work, but by the time I got home it was already starting to get dark and I still don't have any reflective gear or a headlamp. I finally ordered both yesterday. I'm trying to save money for Christmas, but I'd rather be able to run in the dark and be a little poorer than to get pissed at Mother Nature for turning the lights off early and sulking.

So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Do you know what I just realized? PARADE!! I also just realized it starts at 9am. GAH! That means I need to have my run done by then. I could really do without all the commercials and marching bands and commentary. I watch the parade for the floats, to please the child inside me; the one who still laughs at all words ending in -balls and whenever the word "runs" is mentioned. I mean, come on. How fun are gigantic Disney and Muppets characters that could suffocate someone if deflated, floating around New York City??

Apparently Mister Potatoehead is a runner.
Check out the size of his Garmin!

Ice skating. That must be how he works off all that fried food and fake chicken.

Whatever that thing is behind Kermit makes it look like he just farted.

You think this is a picture of the Energizer Bunner. Nope,
it's the walking slices of pizza.

I'm a little bummed there aren't any Minions floats. Literally the best Disney/Pixar characters ever. Here's a taste.

In celebration of Thanksgiving and of the parade, I'm going to be rocking a super fun outfit for my run tomorrow. (Yes, I'm only running through my neighborhood so only my neighbors will see it, but I'll post pictures.)

Are you a Thanksgiving day parade watcher?

What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving?


  1. I've been to the Thanksgiving day parade a couple of times. It's so much better to watch it from the comfort of your living room. It's so freaking cold out there!

    I generally don't watch the parade anymore because the Turkey Trot here is at 10am, so I don't really have time.

    My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the desserts. Love me some apple pie.

  2. We watch it from home, that's if we have time to sit down. Usually we are in the kitchen getting all the great food ready! :)

    Ummmm, I love to eat!!

  3. Those floats are hilarious! I'm pretty sure that Potato Head's watch is as big as my whole body!
    The walking pizza has to win an away for most uncomfortable costume EVER! I wonder if it would make me hungry??

    Last year we were in NYC so we got to do the loop around Central Park where all the balloons are all blown up! Tons of people but it really was a pretty good time!

  4. I get so excited about the parade every year it's not even funny! I'm doing the same thing you are and getting up early so I can run for my two virtual 5K's before the parade starts!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. Up until I had kids I have spent most of my life being a parade hate, but they love them so much it is hard to not love them too. I do not however ever watch them on TV

  6. I agreed to babysit tomorrow morning so I had a tv to watch the parade on. I love the Broadway numbers! And yes, the minions are the best.

  7. I so wish I could watch the parade. With two families in two different states to see, it doesn't happen anymore. Enjoy and have a great run, and a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  8. I wish I could watch the parade! No TV but I wonder if I could find it online? I want to have an actual tradition for Thanksgiving to share with hubby besides FOOD! Oh - I got my shorts in the mail, just wanted to let you know - thanks!

  9. I have never once in my life watched the parade. I guess I'm missing out?

    I hope you're enjoying Thanksgiving and eating lots of good food and getting a head start on carb loading for the 15K! :)

  10. I didnt get to watch the parade this year but I usually love to do it! I went to the NYC parade once and it was a lot of fun.