Friday, November 11, 2011

My ode to eleven

Happy Veteran's Day to all. In the name of this day and this date, I present to you eleven random things. Because my brain is filled to the brim with random and I don't get to unload that often.

So, I should have known it was going to happen. It's a once-in-a-lifetime date. 11.11.11. However, you know that saying, "You lose it if you talk about it"? Yeah, after about the five trillionth time it was referenced on Twitter, Facebook, the news, the radio, in conversation in the work hallways, I want 11.11.11 to die. It's been totally and completely ruined for me. Thanks, media.

Can someone please explain to me what the recumbent bike was invented for? Why go to the gym so you can sit back and relax? Seriously. I was forced to use one of these yesterday when my treadmill routine was cut short due to pain in my hip (again) and no other cardio machines were open. I felt like a huge lame idiot, trying to get my sweat on when the girl on the "lazy machine" next to me was reading a magazine while casually pedaling along with no resistance. I mean, the seat has a back to it. Why not just attach pedals to your easy chair at home?!

Hi, my name is sham. What's yours?

I swear Pippi does more than just sleep. I know most of the pictures I post are of her laying on my bed, but the truth is, that's really one of the only times she's not moving around at lightning speed. I was actually able to catch a rare moment on camera when she was standing still...for .00002 seconds.

How dare you make me stop moving!

I'm somewhat addicted to Nylabones. No, I don't chew on them, I swear. I'm addicted to buying them for the dogs. Pippi is banned from chewing on rawhides because, did you know if dogs try to swallow a rawhide whole, they will throw it up...every. single. time? Yeah, I've reached my dog vomit cleaning threshold. So, I buy Nylabones. Every time I go to Target or Petsmart or Amazon, they have a new shape. How can I resist new shapes?!

This is just the collection sitting in my room last night. Spoiled? Probably.

There are not enough hours in the day. No, seriously. By the time I wake up, get to work, work all day, get my workout on, take care of the dogs and eat dinner, I've got maybe an hour before I go to bed and then I wake up in the morning and do it all over again. Work gets in the way of everything.

I don't understand why someone would want to do a naked belly pregnancy photo shoot. I've never had a child, so I really don't have room to make judgments, but I mean I'd never lift up my shirt while not pregnant and start snapping photos. We can see that you're pregnant while you're clothed. Why do we need to see skin?

via I think that says it all.

Today I purposely didn't bring my water bottle to work, in order to force myself to drink lots of green tea. I know, it's stupid, considering tomorrow is my long run day and I need to stay super hydrated. I used to be really good at drinking a minimum of two cups of green tea a day and I've been falling short on my water consumption lately because I'm getting SO SICK of water! I need flavor! Hopefully all the antioxidants will help me in the long run and maybe I'll get sick of green tea and just want to chug water :)

My faaaaavorite one.

This is secretly why I adopted a white dog.

I have no butt. It's sort of a big joke in my family. My twin brother has a nice one (yes, I'm allowed to say that). He totally stole it in the womb.

It's almost lunchtime (11am is my lunchtime), and I haven't done much work yet today. Employee of the year!

I am not a fan of guys who lift weights but don't do cardio. I wouldn't want to marry someone who looks like a giant turd, but gets winded walking up stairs.


  1. eww. No the last guy just because of the turquoise thong he's wearing. ick!

    I am so sick of 11.11.11 too. It's just way too much. I had an annoying friend who got married on 7.7.07 and she thought she was a freakin' genius.

  2. I was looking at celebrity marathon times and Ryan Reynolds beat me, so yeah, I'd totally marry him. lol

    The recumbent bikes are for people with injuries or disabilities. You shouldn't be using one...or should you!

  3. I have no desire for bare belly photos either. I didn't do it with Julia and there is zero percent chance I will do it with any future pregnancies!

  4. well, when they make us come to work on a day our friends are all off, then they should be happy for any productivity they get!

    sorry your hip is ouchie :(

    yes to nylabones, drawing on your dog with marker, green tea, and good man-abs.

    no to skin-baring preggo pics, dog (well, any) vomit, thongs, and the annoyance of overly touted auspicious days.

    have a great weekend!

  5. I think the recumbant bike is pretty lame too. But today when I was stuck with the arm bike I was thinking the recumbant bike was looking pretty good! Oh and I never ever exposed my belly while pregnant. But I wasn't a cute pregnant lady.

  6. I like the 11 theme. I have the same problem - by the time I eat dinner, it's time to get into bed. So depressing. This is why I aspire to be a housewife.

  7. Number 9 has a bonus fact - you're a twin! I did not know that.

    I agree with you on number 11. My husband does not fall into either category, but of the two options presented, Ryan Reynolds clearly wins.

    Work is such a pain. I can't complain too much since I have 2 months of summer mostly-off from work. But I want summer year round. Maybe when hubby finishes grad school. That's why I went to grad school, right - to be a stay at home housewife?? hahaha

  8. Great list! I'm with you on the pregnancy pictures. I think if people want to take them and keep them private that's fine but I have no desire to get on fb and see people that would normally never post a picture of them in a bikini mostly naked and pregnant. Pippi seems to like the Nylabones it looks like!

  9. I have no butt either. Like at all. Even pregnancy isn't filling it out like I was promised. Do you have the dinosaur Nylabone? I just saw that it exists and I need to order one for Rufus.

  10. I'd never kick Ryan Reynolds out of bed either. Yummy! Too bad my hubby has a lot of work to do to look like that. I can dream.

    Butt fairy missed me too but I almost like it - I can wear smaller pants because of my lack of butt. Good for me! LOL

    I am not sure how you drink green tea. I think it tastes dirty.

    Like the 11 theme!

  11. Indeed the recumbent bike is more appropriate in a rehab setting (I'm a physical therapist), but it is okay in the gym for people with back problems. And the arm bike will give you a hella good cardio workout, if you do it right, even though it doesn't feel like you are doing much. (psst it's the small muscle groups)

  12. 11/11/11 was my birthday, and I thought it was pretty cool.

    I bought and used a recumbent bike back when I weighed 300 pounds because I had trouble walking. So to answer your question, the recumbent bike/"lazy machine" may have been invented for "huge, lame people" like me. Pedaling the recumbent bike may be a joke to you, but for some people it's a good workout and the most they can do. It's also great for people recovering from surgery.