Thursday, November 10, 2011

I need a thermal butt cover

I forgot to post this picture of my running attire from Saturday's long run. I looked like a freaky weirdo, but I was warm. Well, except for my butt. My butt was cold the entire time. Also, does everyone's feet look like clown feet in tights?

Pippi says, "Yo. 'Sup peeps?"

Yesterday I had another horrible treadmill run attempt. My left ankle and hip were screaming. I tried to push through, hoping the pain would just go away, but tripping and flying off the treadmill is a huge fear of mine. While "flying" may sound like fun, I've done that kind of flying before and it's totally not fun at all.

Today I'm going to try to run outside, but my fear of the dark and getting hit by cars and chased by wild animals is on high alert. I haven't gotten a headlamp yet and I don't own anything reflective and it's been getting dark a little after 5pm these days. This brings me to my next I've added a crapload (that's disgusting talk for a whole lot) of new items to the shop. Go! Buy! So I can afford a headlamp :) Because if I get mauled by a killer armadillo, I'm holding you responsible. (No, not really but I will be pretty pissed off at having another medical bill).

Seriously, the Noodle Huggers have become a necessary part of my workout. I actually blame my bad run yesterday on the fact that I forgot to pack a headband and, therefore, my hair was everywhere and sweat kept dripping down my forehead.

Here's a peak at the new ones:

Another new development in the brain of Emily (it's a seriously scary place): Since Netflix has run out of episodes of Mad Men for now, and Make it or Break it is on a break, I had to find a new show to become addicted to. I've landed on Nip Tuck. It's so awesomely disturbing. Everyone on the show is so messed up. I love it. I mean, check out some of the show photos.

What shows are you addicted to?

Am I the only one who thinks armadillos are both awesome and scary and still I want one for a pet?


  1. That owl headband is awesome.

    I've taken a dive off the treadmill too, it's awful. It's especially awful if you do it at a gym where everyone sees it and then feels sorry for the idiot girl who fell off the treadmill.

    I've been watching Glee and Friday Night Lights on Netflix.

  2. Cool headbands! I may have to partake as my daughter keeps stealing mine.

  3. I love all three new prints!! I recently watched all of Lost, Mad Men, and Damages on Netflix, currently watching Heroes.

    While dorky, head lamps are super awesome. I'm kind of a little embarassed to be seen wearing it but it helps me not trip on uneven sidewalks and branches. I have one by Petzl:

    I also have this little blinking light to help me be seen by cars. I don't wear both lights at the same time.

  4. I don't blame your butt for being cold. It was frigid in NC on Sat!

    You should start watching Buffy. Or Gossip Girl. :)

  5. Okay, I know I now have three (soon to be 4) of your headbands....but I think I might have to get that bicycle one too!!

    You can always put those hand warmers down your pants to keep your booty warm. I have never tried it but i think it would work.

  6. The new prints are awesome! I love the owls!

    I don't know why buy my butt always gets cold too. The rest of me will be fine but my butt is freezing.

    The only show I am currently addicted to is Entourage. I don't have HBO (or whatever channel it is actually on) so I can only watch it on Netflix.

  7. My ass never gets cold. I have a built in butt warmer. It's called packing much back.

  8. First attempt on the treadmill, I pushed stop and didn't realize that I should stay on until it stopped completely. I made friends with the floor that day.

  9. Buffy and Angel are the shit, so I agree with Kara. That being said, Nip/Tuck is the biggest trainwreck known to man! I watched the entire series because I just couldn't stop. I think season 3 is where it gets absolutely insane (the Carver scared the everloving crap out of me) and by the last season it just stopped making any sense whatsoever. And I will order an owl headband as soon as I'm not sure you aren't adding even more patterns I need! I need to pick out a few for the baby now that we know she's a girl.

    And on an unrelated note, I showed my husband the Poop onsie and he's very excited!

  10. I watched Nip/Tuck the whole time it was on because it was like watching a car accident. The ending was messed up but entertaining.

    Love the owl headband - may need one. Need to figure out my issue with them fitting right on me. I do have to say the black/white one definitely soaked up all my sweat at the gym for me. LOVE it.