Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's all fun and games until you can't make it stop

I can sum up the way I've been feeling the last two days in a picture.

It's fun until you want to get off the ride and you just can't.

I did it to myself. I just had to go and drink all that coffee this weekend and screw up my brain. Yes, coffee (at least I'm pretty sure that's why this is happening). And now I want a huge bag of salty potato chips. I won't do it, I promise. But it has crossed my mind.

I've been trying to tie up some loose ends on some things before I head to Virginia, then Maryland, then Washington DC the end of the week. I can't wait for the trip and the race (!!!), but I get anxious about the drive and packing and all that junk, along with the fact that I've screwed up my head.

One thing I had to do was figure out prescription refills. I was in between the time when both of my daily prescriptions are out of refills, but my doctors both called in refills so I had to figure out how to refill them by phone, not being able to talk to anyone in the pharmacy because when you call the drugstore you just get a bunch of recordings. It took me from yesterday morning until the time I drove to the pharmacy today to realize that if my doctors called in the prescriptions already, they're already ready in the pharmacy. Yep. 

I'm actually scared to start packing for the race because I feel like I'm going to forget to pack something imperative, like running shoes or a sports bra. At this point I should probably just let Pippi pack for me. I mean, she keeps Rocco in line. Maybe she's a professional in disguise.

If you want a toy someone else has, sit on them until
they surrender.

I'm actually surprised this picture actually came out. I was laughing so hard the camera was shaking and as I went to take a second shot, Pippi jumped up and attacked me. (By the way, that's the awesome dinosaur Nylabone. They fight over that one more than any of the others. I can't say that I blame them).

The purple and lime green tree is set to be erected tonight. If the plan goes off as scheduled, I'll post pictures tomorrow :)

Do you decorate your tree with a color combination?

Do you hate driving on long trips as much as I do?
(if not, will you be me chauffeur this weekend?)


  1. The long drive will be worth it because I'll be at the end of it!! What time are you getting there?

    Hope you feel better! Salt affects it, too?

  2. Dude, you'll be spending some quality time in the car with me. Don't fear it, embrace it.

    If you forget things, don't worry, there will be 4 other runners there that can provide.

    Our tree is white and gold. Not terribly exciting, but classy and I'm nothing if not classy.

  3. bummer about the never-ending rollercoaster. double bummer it was caffeine induced. :( but wooooo road-trip and races with friends.

    can't wait to see the tree :)

  4. Enjoy the trip and the race!
    Best pic ever! That sitting on tactic is precisely my MIL's strategy....ugh.
    Long car trips? Um no thanks, but I will if I must.

  5. I hope you get the spins under control before you run on Saturday!!!

    I'm a preteen boy becuase I giggled at the thought of erecting of your tree ;)

  6. I hate you feel bad but I love me some roller-coasters. Hopefully that head will feel better soon!! Enjoy your time with your running buddies.

  7. That picture of Pippi on top of Rocco made me crack up at my desk. I really hope the dizziness gets better fast so you can eat lots of chocolate this weekend! And, umm, I giggled at the word erect. I am not mature.

  8. Don't fret about forgetting something, you're staying at Casa de Running Clothes in your size. There is literally nothing you could forget that I couldn't supply :)

  9. I usually drive to Califonia this time of year (20 hours) but not this year. This year I am driving to Texas (16 hours). I drove to CA once with three dogs and a nursing baby. That was interesting! GOod luck with packing, the drive, and the race.

  10. I love that picture of Pippi & Rocco - HILARIOUS! Looks like what goes on in our house!

    I hate to drive and have had to do it many times recently for work. I just begged out of a 5.5 hour drive to Michigan. Yuck! We don't really use color coordinated anything on our tree - much to Steve's chagrin. He wishes we would. And he calls me the girl in this relationship.

  11. That picture of Pippi is AWESOME!