Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The case of the apple napper

Dude, karma, really? REALLY?? FREAKING REALLY???

I think this week is proof that I'm in a rut, of sorts. It started Monday during spin class. I was feeling super dizzy on the bike, but since I was holding onto the handle bars, I was pretty sure i was safe. When I got home, every time I turned, a wave of dizzy fell over me. Yesterday morning when I woke up, I had a hard time just standing upright. I had to take yet another sick day from work.

Today I'm feeling a little better and I seem to be ok as long as I don't look anywhere but straight ahead when walking. Today's run should be super interesting. Damn you, eustachian tube!

Ohhh...oh yeah, and then after Pippi having normal...ahem....BMs  for a few days now, this morning she had an accident in the house with blood in it. For crying in the sunshine! So much for finally getting in a full week of work. I'm pretty worried about her. I hope it's nothing serious, but I foresee having to take her to the vet tomorrow.

In other news, Pippi's new obsession is apples. I had an apple on my nightstand last week and while I had my back turned, she stole it and ate half of it. Ever since then, whenever there's an apple around, she MUST HAVE IT. I was eating one the other morning and, thankfully her eyes aren't made of lasers or I'd be dead.

Apple? Apple? Apple? Apple? Apple?

I spent the time yesterday when I could at least sit up ok, making Noodle Huggers and collars like it was my job. In a couple weeks, I'm going to be a vendor at the NC State University Club Holiday Shoppe. I'm not a big people person, so this is a big step. If anyone is mean or rude to me, I'm gonna whip 'em with a Noodle Hugger.


  1. I'm betting Pippi is fine. Has she been spending extra time licking her butt? You might want to get them to check for worms one more time. Those things are harder to kill than you'd imagine.

  2. "For crying in the sunshine!" WHAT?! That is the best saying ever!

    Being dizzy like that is THE worst! Sorry dude.

    Bungee goes crazy for apples too. I use an apple slicer and then just break off the top and bottom of the core (the seeds can be toxic to dogs if they have too many) and give them to her. She goes nuts.

  3. OMG, talk about bad luck! I hope you get better soon, and I hope Pippi is alright. I'm with Kara, it's probably nothing major.

  4. I love that your dog loves apple, glad she is back to regular!

  5. oh fancy! Are you going to branch out into collegiate wear?

  6. hahaha for crying in the sunshine. Love it ;)

    Sorry about the rough day!

  7. At least apples aren't bad for them. My dogs are onion fiends and onions are toxic. Well, and they love chocolate too. Darwin would be so confused. Try not to make any potential customers cry. Beating is generally frowned upon in polite society (not that anyone we talk to on our blogs is polite society).

  8. I hope you feel better soon and sorry about Pippi :( My dogs don't go for apples but they do love lettuce. Go figure!

  9. So sorry you haven't been feeling well! It must be so frustrating! That's awesome that you are a vendor though, good luck :)