Monday, November 14, 2011

Crafty weekend

Saturday started out with an amazing breakfast at a little place up the street. A bacon, cheese, and black bean bean omelette and a cinnamon roll. I was gearing up for my 8-mile run later in the day, but I want this breakfast EVERY DAY! And then Amanda and I went in search of a few things I need for the Holiday Shoppe next weekend. I was beginning to freak out that I wouldn't have all the things I'd need. I still don't, but the rest of the things I need include signs and tags I need to design and print out. Hopefully after this weekend, all Noodle Huggers and collars will come with a tag. Wee!

The majority of my weekend was spent making lots and lots of these

I bought the hangers for the Holiday Shoppe.

...and there are more to be made. I'm my own little sweat shop.

After taking a three-hour nap on Saturday, I scrapped my run plan and decided to do it on Sunday. My 8-mile run turned into a really painful 4-mile run. I'm not quite sure why it sucked so badly, but hopefully today's run will be redemption.

19 days til the 15k, less than 100 days til my first half marathon! YIKES!!

I also created our 15k race shirts for our "team". No preview there. you have to wait for the race pictures :)

The signs I designed for the shoppe next weekend will have to suffice.

Obviously they will be a lot larger than this. It's all starting to come together!

Did you do anything crafty this weekend?

I hope those who ran this weekend had better luck than I did.


  1. Your holiday shop is going to blow people's minds, just like our race shirts! I can't wait.

    What kind of painful was your run?

  2. 19 days! Eeek, I wasn't paying attention and it has snuck up on me! You will have to give me a preview of the shirts so I can look out for you guys!!

  3. 19 days until our race? I can't focus beyond my race this weekend, haha.

    Your holiday shop(pe?) is going to rock and I bet you'll sell a ton. :)

  4. Love the hangers for the bands, they look great! Sorry about your run!

  5. I love the hanger too! Can't wait to see the team shirts when they are done!

  6. Woah, you are really good at sign making! Also, I vote for shoppe.

  7. Only 19 Days til the 15k!?! Eek!!
    Love the signs you made, and those racks are great for displaying your goods. Hope you were able to have a good 8 miler today.

  8. Love the signs but why is there a yellow square with nothing in it on the Noodle Hugger sign? You are very talented!

  9. Love it....Your shop is going to do great!