Monday, July 23, 2012

Martha Stewart. without the lawsuit.

So, I know the "rule" for decorating a home on a budget is to to it one room at a time, but on a budget like mine I've been doing it one wall at a time. Literally. So, I took care of the back wall by hanging up clearance tablecloths and calling them curtains so I've moved on to the facing wall, aka-my plate wall.

etsy and the clearance section at Target have been my best friends with this one.

When I get more plates, I'll move them closer together so it makes more sense, but for now it's a little sparse. Also? I made the plate hangers myself. Thank you, Pinterest (and Martha Stewart). Penny pincher? That's me!

Yep, there's an armadillo on my wall. And an
alpaca. You were expecting "normal" from me?

This weekend I discovered an awesome website that was offering 50% off all their clearance stuff and found a few more gems for the plate wall.

Originally $10 each. I got them for $2.50 each.

Originally $32 for the set. My price? $10 for the set

Original price: $38. My price: $9. (It was a splurge.)

Pretty soon all of my guests will be forced to hang out in my dining room; the only room worthy of company. Not that I get many guests.

An interesting thing happened this weekend that I must share. I really really wish someone was with me as a witness.

I went to pick up a prescription at Walgreen's and, as usual, the guy behind the counter asked for my last name and birth date. I told him both and then spelled my last name for him. H-I-N-K-L-E. When he couldn't find my information in the computer, he asked me to spell my name again, so I did, and really enunciated it this time. AYCCCHH-III-ENNN-KAAY-ELL-EEEE. Again, he couldn't find it. I've filled prescriptions there before, so I knew I was in their system. As a last ditch effort, dude went to the shelf and looked under H and *ta-da* there was my prescription. He showed it to me and told me my last name was spelled wrong. HINKLE. I told him it wasn't. It was spelled exactly right; exactly what I'd told him it was. Twice. So I paid and walked away to go look for some band-aids. 

As it turns out, the band-aids were right beside the pharmacy, out of eyesight of the pharmacists. Since there are a bajillion different kinds of band-aids these days, it took me a few minutes to take stock of what was there. Brain-deep in an adhesive bandage haze, I hear the pharmacy dude tell the other pharmacy chick that "that girl spelled her last name wrong and I couldn't find her in the computer. She told me H-I-N-K-O-E twice. But it was actually H-I-N-K-L-E."

Why why WHY would I tell him the wrong name on purpose? My to-do list for Saturday: feed the dog, pick up prescription, confuse the hell out of the pharmacy dude. And, if my brain worked faster, I would have walked back around the corner and said something really witty back to him. 

Have you ever overheard someone saying something snarky about you? I think this was a first for me.

You don't know what I'm thinking when you leave me alone all day.

Are you good at comebacks? I always think of good ones way too late.


  1. Your one wall is going to be better decorated than our entire house and we've been here for two years. We still have curtains in our living room from the previous owner.

  2. Love the armadillo, I noticed it right off, the elephant will fit right in! I don't know that I could handle a plate wall, is it a lot of dusting? I live on a dirt road though.

    Too funny about the guy at the pharmacy who obviously can't hear well!

  3. I can't say I've ever seen anyone else have plates hanging from their walls. I pretty much just use them for eating and crazy shit like that. I know, wild right?

  4. I am with Christy - is there dusting involved? I am so bad at dusting. In fact, I suck at cleaning. I am reading this when I should be cleaning. You should have totally back handed that dumb pharmacy tech! What an idiot!

  5. Yes, I'm a waitress and for parties of 6 or more, we add 15 percent gratuity. I had a group of ladies. There were 5 of them. For some damn reason I thought there were six of them so I added 15% gratuity to their tab. Really it's not the worst thing in the world, I did the math for them, if you ask me. Immediately they noticed it. I told them no problem, to take the gratuity off and just pay me for the rest of the bill...

    Instead while I was collecting money from one of the ladies, another lady that didn't realize I was right there said extremely rudely "You know she knows the rules! She did that on purpose just to rip us off!" I was so mad that I looked her straight in the face and said "MAAM...It was an honest mistake. I told you to take it off. Was there anything else that wasn't perfect about my service?!" All she could say was a sheepish "No." as the other ladies starting throwing tips at me. I ended up getting much more than the 15% gratuity they were so mad about me adding. That got really long. Sorry.

  6. I typically get into back and forth arguments with pharmacists like "no, Lindsey is my LAST name" because they don't get it. I don't know if I've ever actually overheard - but my teammates last year made it painfully obvious they were talking about me by running over and slamming the door every time I walked by. I would have never been able to come up with a comeback though, I'm such a George Costanza.

  7. That is hilarious! What an idiot! When I was in middle school I wrote my name in the front of one of my books and the teacher told me I spelled it wrong. What?! Yah, I spelled my own name wrong, seriously?! My first and last name have always been an issue for me so I am used to it:)

  8. I'm still traumatized from overhearing girls talking about me in high school. Bitches. And I hate spelling my name because I have to spell out my first and last name since they both have common alternate spelling. And I still get misheard and told I spelled it F-A-R-A-H.