Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene, rewards, and the splendors of ice



All this talk of Hurricane Irene, and our weather for the next few days looks like this:

I guess I'll be living vicariously through you all this weekend. Man, I didn't feel the earthquake, I don't get to freak out over the hurricane...I feel so left out!

Yesterday at work they came around and were taking everyone's computers and putting them on their desks instead of on the floor, just in case our offices flood. Umm...we've had downpours before and our offices didn't flood. I doubt "Few Showers/Wind" is going to do anything crazy, but I guess only time will tell.

I will, however, be a little annoyed if it's raining tomorrow morning for my six miles. I'm really sick of running on the treadmill, but our neighborhood is SO BORING to run in, so I was considering a couple of running trails around us.

Speaking of running, I've decided that if I survive my 6-miles (hello PDR) tomorrow, I'm celebrating by buying myself a running skirt. I've wanted one for a while, but since money is tight I haven't really been able to justify buying clothes in a while. I am, however, big on rewarding yourself for big accomplishments and since it's something I've wanted, I'm doing it! Kara suggested a Nike Dri-Fit one. Any other recommendations?
This one comes in PURPLE!

My run yesterday would have been awesome, except my knees felt off. My left knee felt like it would buckle and I'd be sent flying off the treadmill and my right one was just achy. I will be icing them with regularity today and tonight. I hope it's just them getting used to all the running and that they will strengthen up and play fairly from now on.

Last night while I was lying in bed, reading Catching Fire trying not to think of the uncomfortableness of the ice on my knees, Pippi was trying to figure out what the heck that stuff in the plastic bag is. I tried to get a video of her doing the head cocking, trying to figure out what that noise is, thing that dogs do because it's always hilarious, but as soon as I got out the camera she stopped. I got two other videos though and, since Pippi is tired of being depicted in picture, she requested video, so here it is.

 In this one, she talks and then attacks me. Ice makes her violent.

Good luck with the hurricane and be safe! I know it's hard to believe, but your safety is way more important than getting in miles :)



  1. I love Pippi!! She's so freaking cute.

    Today i brave the grocery store for food. I'm going to be fighting people like crazy for food. The sad part is, it's not even because of the hurricane that I have to go, we just need to eat!

  2. Pippi is the best. Peanut won't talk on command.

    I really like that skirt in purple!!

    Uh, getting my miles done is WAY more important than my safety. Haven't you read the guide to Insane Ultra Marathon Training?

  3. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the running skirts. You will have to let me know how you like it!

  4. i've heard lululemon has great running skirts, but i've never tried one. good luck on the 6 miles and surviving the storm!

  5. Ok, so if you do the Nike Dri-Fit and wear it with your SPIbelt, make sure the belt doesn't eat your skirt, thus revealing booty shorts to all. That happened to my friend Kim and she was not happy. My favorite running skirt is by Brooks, although I like my Mizuno too, but it's more prone to chafage.

  6. Skirt Sport! Best running skirts ever! The booty shorts are long, preventing chafing, and there is a little pocket, and they are super cute. I've never run in anything more comfortable. Believe me, I'm jealous you don't have to deal with Irene. Why are the computers normally on the floor - you mean just the CPUs?? That sentence really confused me.

    You can do the 6 miles - I'll be rooting for you! But just man up and run in the rain :)

    You really shouldn't complain about the icing, it's a hell of a lot better than being the arena being hunted by all the other tributes.

  7. Hey at least you get some cooler overnight lows from this! So it will be nice and cool when you wake up 2 hours before the crack of dawn :) Hope your 6 miles went well and that you got to do it outside!

    My only running skirt is from Lululemon. Running Warehouse does a weekly "Vlog" featuring various products. This one has a bunch of running skirts-