Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No more limping...for now

Better news to start out the day: I can walk normally today! Also, I don't feel the "creaking" when I feel my knee while I'm bending it. All good news, I think! Still, I'm not going to count my chickens before they hatch. I got some great advice yesterday that "if you can't walk, you shouldn't run". I mean, it's obviously something I knew, but I didn't feel like such a dud for taking a forced rest day yesterday when it was "prescribed" by more than one blog commenter :) One thing I really really really really don't want to do is injure myself trying to be SuperEmily. It turns out I'm not a superhero. I know, I was disappointed too.
Note to self.
I've decided that I'm going to do cross-training for the next three days and see how that goes, and then go ahead with my 6-mile run on Saturday if all feels ok at that point. I've signed up for an hour-long spin class this afternoon, which I'll follow with some weights, and then tomorrow is a Cardio & Pump class. 

Now that classes at the college are back in session, so are the classes at the gym...AND all of the places on campus to eat are back open! While I get sick of hearing overuse of the word "like" in a valley girl voice and frat dudes acting like idiots while I'm trying to eat my lunch in the "communal eating area", I do enjoy having more workout and dining options (although I won't be seeing Hot Gym Guy until Friday now. Bummer.)

Complete change of subject___________________________
And now, remember when I told you about the vacuum cleaner not working? Well, Jeremy and I were discussing it last night and, in his opinion, the reason it stops working is because I don't empty it enough. So, I guess I need to empty it, what, after every five minutes of vacuuming instead of after every ten minutes? Give me a break. I don't believe the one person in the house who never vacuums is allowed to have an opinion. He apparently cleaned it out really well...and it still doesn't work. I'd say "I told ya so," but I'm sure he'd have another excuse as to what I did wrong to make it not work. (Yes, I'm venting). I'm all for saving money. I mean, when you don't have much, you have to be, but if it doesn't work, it doesn't work!

It was about that point last night when I started feeling like this and gave up.
Amanda and I are going to look at new vacuums this weekend. She's had a death wish on the thing for as long as I can remember.

I've got a random hump day special in the shop today!


  1. Oh, now it's letting me comment.

    Still, Poop.

  2. Also, blah, blah, you're going to rock that 6 miles, blah, blah, get a Dyson Pet Series vacuum, blah, blah.

  3. I agree with Kara, poop.

    Get an oreck. They're expensive, but the greatest vacuums ever. Believe me, I know.

  4. Poop indeed. I'm glad you are going to take a few days off of running cause if you hurt yourself there will be no delicious chocolate! And I don't know anything about vacuums. I make my husband do the housework.

  5. Our old vacuum sucked and it totally stressed me out. Kari is right. We have an Oreck now and it's super light and works great. We got it with a coupon at Costco. Cross training is the way to go for now.

  6. Happy to read this post! Minus the vacuum crapping out. We have some variety of pet hair vacuum, not a dyson, but we got it for Christmas, which is how I like to get anything that costs over $100. :) Glad you're mixing in your normal fun activities with running now!

    BTW, thanks for the 'motivation'! I thought I could get myself to log my workouts, I just hate bothering with it. I just log it all by hand in a mini calendar I carry around with me.