Monday, August 1, 2011

It's a good thing the race isn't til December

Ooookay. Training weekend #1? EPIC FAIL!

I wanted to wake up Saturday morning around 6 to head out for my 4-mile run, one of which would be my timed mile for Kari's "Proof I didn't peak in high school" challenge. So, I went to bed Friday night at around 7pm. I was in a terrible mood (I had received a bill for my MRI for $720. Bastards. I don't have that kind of money!) and just wanted to hit the pillow.

So I roll over Saturday morning to check the clock and it's 8am. GAH! It's already almost 90 degrees out (and 1000% humidity, no doubt). So I decided to eat something small and just go for it. It was my first time using my Willy. It HAD to be a good run, right? Yeah, no amount of good thoughts was going to make this run a good one. I decided to run in my neighborhood, a route I've ran many times. I was getting dizzy at about half a mile and by mile 1.5 I just wanted to curl up in someone's lawn and die. I was pissed that I couldn't just go in someone's house and get some water. Seriously, it was the worst I've ever felt on a run. I'm so glad my handheld water bottle is on its way.

After walking the rest of the way home, (THE LONGEST WALK EVER), I couldn't get the ice and water into the cup fast enough and I was shaking and nauseous. I have no idea what that was all about. It was hot, but I've ran in the heat before! I then woke up Sunday morning feeling like I was run over by a bus. I don't know if I was dehydrated, or maybe something else was going on in my body, but wow. I hope that never happens again. Oh and my butt hurts. There's nothing quite like walking around rubbing your cheeks.

On a positive note, I ran my timed mile in 7:44! I headed out late Saturday, around 8pm. It was still hot out, but not sunny and it started raining halfway through the run, which made it a bit nicer.
Why 9009?

Ooohhhh  ;-)

So, I'm feeling a bit lot discouraged about training. I'm not quite ready to make my amends with running today, so I'm switching today to a cross-training day and I'll be doing a workout video. I haven't been giving my workout videos enough attention lately anyway.

I hope YOUR weekend training was more successful than mine!



  1. I know this post is about how sucky your workout was, but it made me laugh so many times, that I'm not sure you achieved your goal (that is, if your goal was sympathy ;)).

    My training has been going well, but I'm still apparently scared to run outside, so it's all been on the treadmill. I'm not sure that counts.

  2. Hahah I totally didn't get your bib before! Sorry you had such a rough training weekend :(. But, get the bad runs out of the way, and like you said, you have plenty of time until the race. At least you rocked your timed mile!

  3. You probably felt awful from the bad air quality. It's really nasty this summer! Worse than previous years. I was told that's why I got so sick on my run. They have even been having non-runners coming into the ER due to shortness of breath and it's actually just the air quality, so even just walking is rough.

    7:44 is a fantastic timed mile! I expect at least one mile in the 15K to be at that pace. :P

  4. Shrug off the bad day and don't dwell on it. You could go run 4 miles any time you want to - you're in much better shape than you're giving yourself credit for! And next time if you sleep a bit too late and it's too flippin hot, go to the gym and get on the treadmill. Training in the heat is not going to do you any good for a race themed around hot chocolate. :)

    AND, I'm pretty sure I've never run a 7:44 mile. That's why I run long, so I don't have to run fast!

  5. Yeah, the air quality is balls right now, especially if you are asthmatic (my life is hard). I've had months of awful runs that are finally paying off with some awesome runs right now, so don't get discouraged. And 7:44 is crazy! I definitely won't be keeping up with you in December!

    Of course your bib says poop. I would be disappointed if it didn't.

  6. Hahaha, I love the bib!! ;)

    I am so sorry that happened on your run...very scary and not fun at all!! :( But what an amazing mile time so all was not lost!!

  7. I'm damn impressed with that 7 minute mile. You rock.

    Hope your next week of training goes better :)