Thursday, August 4, 2011

The ridiculousness of it all

Lots of things have happened between yesterday and today. This morning is where the ridiculousness occurred, but I'll begin with last night's events because, well, they came first.

I got home after the gym last night to not one, not two, but FOUR packages!

I knew that at least two of them were supplies for my etsy endeavor, but the other two were a mystery. And I like surprises!

I'm so excited that now I can run at the park with my SPIbelt and not have to leave anything in my car and hope that no one will break in and steal it (when you drive a Jeep Wrangler with a soft top, "breaking in" isn't exactly a difficult task). I'm even more excited about my Nathan Quickdraw Plus.  Now on my runs I won't have to consider knocking on strangers' doors and begging for some water. I went with the blue one, for strategic reasons. Mainly because I'm cheap. I ordered it off Amazon and the blue was the cheapest one that I could get free shipping on. The true test of my cheapness is in the fact that there was a purple option and I didn't choose it because it was like a dollar more expensive and I'd have had to pay shipping. Same with the SPIbelt.
Truth be told, if I were rich I'd own one in every color.

And also, just a side note, but does "runs" remind anyone else of diarrhea? No? Just me?

Onto the ridiculousness of this morning. I have been trying to cut down on caffeine to see if maybe it will help with the dizzies. I've been having a small cup of regular coffee in the morning and that's all the caffeine for the day. If I have a second cup or coffee after lunch, it's decaf. So this morning I poured my cup of regular coffee, fixed it up to make it delicious (sorry, Alyssa, no black coffee for me), and per our usual routine, Pippi and I went up to watch FRIENDS for 20 minutes before I got in the shower.

I set my mug down on my nightstand, reached for the remote, and knocked the entire mug of coffee onto the carpet. THE. ENTIRE. MUG! I didn't even get a sip! As per usual, I closed my eyes and shook my head at my idiot-osity. What else can you really do once the stupid thing is done? I then cleaned it up and took it as a sign that I shouldn't pour myself more.

I decided to check out the news before turning on FRIENDS and the story they were discussing was about a kid who died from playing video games. No, I'm not kidding. He sat still for so damn long, he got a blood clot and died. From playing a video game. I bet his parents are proud.

On my way to work, I stopped at Harris Teeter for lunch and snack items for the day. This was my total:
For crying out loud!

One time I was at a restaurant and the lady in front of me ended up with this total and she decided to buy something else to ward off Lucifer. I wasn't that desperate.

On a lighter note, today I am wearing opaque tights for the first time ever, with a tunic top...also for the first time. I'm feeling somewhat stylish, which doesn't happen often. I worry, however, that it's a bit scandalous. Tights aren't pants and I'm not sure that I'm wearing them legally since the shirt is a shirt and not a dress. You be the judge
Yes, I took the picture in the bathroom at
work and I'm holding the stall door closed
so it doesn't swing back and hit me. Classy.

Today is my last day or running before my rest day tomorrow, and I can't wait. I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow and sleeping in. I've been so tired this week, that I'm practically ecstatic about it.

Also yesterday I was reminded of when I was at the beach over the fourth of July week and I ran two miles straight a couple of times, without stopping to walk. Amanda was running, too, and her pace is slower than mine (and probably much more consistent). I was aware that she was behind me and so I was probably keeping a pretty regular, much better pace, than when I run alone. This told me two things: I wish she would run with me more (she hasn't ran with me since) and also, I know that I CAN keep a consistent pace and I CAN run at least two miles without walking. I feel like a bunch of doors have opened up. Lame? Probably. But it made me feel more confident.

Are you superstitious about things like the number 666?

What do you do when you've done something stupid that you can't take back?



  1. Outfit, totally not scandalous. You look cute!

    I LOVE getting mail, even if I have to pay for it to be awesome.

    Running with a buddy might be just what you need to start getting a consistent pace. Also, it's way more fun to run with someone!

  2. I'm just impressed that you can wear white to work. I'd never make it through breakfast without spilling on myself.

  3. ooo, packages are so fun!! and yes, you are looking super stylish.

  4. Adorable outfit. You look hot. I would cry if I spilled my coffee. My students know not to get near it, that's a mortal sin. I would be making more before I even attempted to clean up. I didn't even know why you were showing us that picture, so I guess I'm not superstitious. My husband is at risk for death from video games. I need to show him that article. Yay for rest days!

  5. Love the outfit! :)

    I have the same water bottle (I have a handheld in addition to my Camelbak...can't have too much water! ;))

  6. Very cute outfit! Next time, try not to look so...nervous? shameful? That's a tough expression to read! :)

    I have a couple varieties of water bottles/belts, most given to me as Christmas gifts or bought at expos. And I still prefer to just stash a cheap plastic water bottle somewhere along my route. That way I don't care if someone steals it or if I give up on a run and forget to bring it back home.

  7. you look adorable in that outfit... even if the tights look photoshopped.

  8. Yeah, how do you keep your white so clean? Also, that picture reaffirms my conclusion that you have a doppelganger. I used to work with a girl named Erin who looks scarily similar to you. I had noticed it before, but in that picture, I almost thought I was looking at her. Creepy.

    Fun packages! I'm really curious about the SPIbelt, so make sure to do a review!

  9. That outfit is totally legal, wish I was cute enough to get away with it myself!

  10. Tell me how you like the Spibelt. How's WILLY working out for you? My workout money is building up and I need some running goodies :)

  11. Cute outfit, it definitely works! Those look more like leggings than opaque tights. It would be a problem if you wore actual tights that were somewhat see through- as pants. You know, tights, with the band of thicker fabric around the thigh, that you're supposed to wear under a dress or skirt. I've seen it!! The shirt was no where near long enough, it was not good.

    I'm with Kara- I'd spill something all over that white shirt within an hour.

  12. I love the water bottles and their covers. It is amazing and nice. And the outfit is really awesome.