Tuesday, August 9, 2011

She's not playin'

Yo. Pippi here. In case you didn't know, my mom opened up her Etsy shop, FINALLY.

You see, she's been getting all these little packages in the mail and opening them before she even pays attention to me. (Don't worry, I make sure to jump on her and scratch her with my claws. It usually gets her attention.) And then, instead of spending all her free time playing with me, she's been sitting at the table playing around with some strange noisy machine and lots of other things she won't let me chew on. It's getting extremely frustrating.

So, please, whatever you do, DON'T buy anything from her shop. It may look cool, and you may want to buy it all, but don't. The more you buy, the more she'll have to make, and that's bad news for me. Poor, attention-deprived me. Don't let the fact that I'm snuggled up on her bed, in her blanket, on her pillow, fool you. I'm deprived. She won't even give me one of the collars. Something about "making a profit".

Wait, what did you say? You're going to buy something anyway? You're going to buy LOTS of things?

Don't make me call my peeps. We'll lick you to death.



  1. Somehow I knew Pippi was a thug at heart :) It's because she was raised on the streets :P

  2. Pippi is pretty street, yo.

    I'm totally buying everything.

  3. hahaha, so sorry Pippy but I am going to buy some stuff. Don't hate me forever. xoxo

  4. Is Pippi named after Pippi longstocking? Good luck with your shop!

  5. I'm not afeared of you, Pippi! I need to send you those buckles so you can hook me up with puggle proof collars!