Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The proof

That picture there is living proof of what happens when I get "hangry".
(hangry: A state of anger and irritability resulting from being hungry)

This was taken during my Myrtle Beach, SC beach trip over the Fourth of July week. My family wanted to go to a seafood restaurant, which, DUH, we were at the beach, so let's go!

So we got in our cars and headed out. Since there were eight of us, my sister-in-law and I had to drive separately. Within maybe five miles of our beach cottage, there is a strip of tons of seafood restaurants so I figured that's where we were going. But then...we got on the highway. I looked at Amanda and asked, sarcastically, "are we going to another state for dinner?" I was kidding, naturally.

We were both pretty hangry at this point and hoping the restaurant was right around the corner. But we kept driving and driving and driving...45 minutes later I was ready to rip my own hand off and eat it. And then, what did we see out of our window?

No, I am not kidding. Would I kid about something like food? NO! We looked at each other and just started cracking up. It was a "laugh to keep from crying" moment. I thought maybe I was delirious from hunger, but Amanda saw it too, so I was 99% sure we did actually drive to another state to eat seafood.

When we finally got to the place, the restaurant was packed and my stepmom came outside with a beeper thing and said, "it's a 45-minute wait". The fact that she had the beeper, which told us she had committed to waiting even longer for food, triggered the laughing again. This time I think it was from delirium. I think Amanda actually grabbed my arm to keep me from hurting someone.

It was at this moment that I pulled out my camera and walked over to that crawfish thing on the other end of the parking lot and had Amanda take that picture. I don't know why. It made sense at the time. This is why you can't take me out anywhere without making sure I'm well-fed. I do stupid things...even more stupid than things I do when my blood sugar is at a "nice Emily" level.

Amanda and I then found a random bench (that I wish I had taken a picture of. When I say random, I mean random), and started guessing what all the people who walked or drove by were saying and/or thinking. FOR 45 MINUTES! I guess the silver lining to the situation is that we're easily amused. Thank goodness for that!

Oh and the food was...okay. They brought out hushpuppies even before our drinks. Those hushpuppies were the most delicious thing I've ever eaten in my whole entire life!
Yes, they were the poo-shaped hushpuppies. I was so
hungry I didn't even mention it at the time.

Umm...hello. We want food, too!

Have you ever done something stupid when you were hangry?



  1. Mike and I once had a four hour layover in Detroit and we spent the whole time making up stories about the people's lives who passed us...apparently that's a normal thing to do when you're bored. :)

  2. I hate any restaurant that gives you a beeper for the wait.

    Those hush puppies really look like what I find in the kid's diaper.

    If I'm hangry, I will pout until my husband goes out for food. I'm real mature.

  3. I have definitely been in the whole "laugh so you don't cry" situation before! I would have gone out of my mind, too. That is a LONG drive and a LONG wait just for some food!!

  4. I could not have handled that. That's why I keep a granola bar in my purse at all times. I would have taken that picture anyway, not needing to be hangry or drunk or anything. But I get very mean when I am hungry, I am impressed with your ability to be funny.

  5. NC hush puppies are ridiculously good. Normally I won't eat hush puppies, but those look delicious, poo shape and all. And I would have murdered my stepmonster if she pulled that crap with food. Sheesh.