Monday, August 29, 2011

Only a partial fail

First off, let me start with a confession, because I'm self-deprecating like that. Remember on Friday when I talked all about how I was going to run six miles on Saturday, and to celebrate the new PDR, I was going to buy myself a running skirt? Well...I don't earn the running skirt just yet.

Saturday morning there was NO way I was going running outside. It was super windy and a little rainy all day and since the trees in our neighborhood are all fairly young, it's common for them to become uprooted and I wasn't in the mood to be impaled by a tree thrown at me by the wind.

So, I decided to get some cleaning done around the house. I normally start downstairs and work my way up, leaving my room for last, but thankfully I started with my room first because right after I vacuumed my room, the vacuum took a shit. No, really. Instead of sucking things up, it was leaving behind the contents of itself.

After digging around inside it (that's what she said), getting disgustingness everywhere (she said that, too), and not fixing it, I threw in the towel. I'm so upset that the carpet upstairs is so dirty, but there's nothing I can do about it. I was officially done cleaning at that moment.
Hi, I'm a piece of shit.

So on Sunday morning I had grand plans of getting the run done at the park. And then it just never happened. I feel like I psyche myself out and then get an upset stomach and then it's just not safe to run unless there's a bathroom nearby. Running is like mother nature's laxative, no?
It's just not a complete post without Poop!

Last night I did something that totally scares me, yet excites me at the same time. I was looking for a group to run with somewhere near my house, since I have no friends who live near me or who run. I found one with three weekly runs, one on Saturday morning. The route for Saturday is a good half hour drive from my house, but I think that's worth it for motivation and company to get it done. So, I've made plans to meet up with them to run my six miles this Saturday. Should be an adventure!

What did I do on Sunday, you'd like to know? Well, here it is
I was there first, she came and fell asleep
on top of me.

Who wouldn't want this life?

I'm about halfway through. I thought of taking a vacation
day just to finish this one and the third one.

Reading the Hunger Games books is giving me nightmares. If you've read the books, you'll understand when I say that I've been dreaming I'm a part of the games. (Sorry to those who haven't read them. You totally should!)

So, yes, I did a lot of relaxing and napping. I think I've been a little wound up and sleep-deprived lately and three whole rest days in a row (I know, why do I feel OK with this? I should be climbing the walls by now!) are exactly what I needed. I'm hoping for some great running workouts, starting with three miles today. I'm going to do some incline work. Watch out!

And, in closing, I want to know if you've ever met a dog who would be ok with this

...because I sure haven't!


  1. Boo for no run, but yay for new running group!! You could still run 6 miles today, just a thought. :P

    Pippi is way too cute.

  2. No vacuuming the dog. Way too weird. Hooray for finding a new group to run with, that's great!
    Nature's laxative. Ugh. Don't get me started.

  3. Posts that include lots of TWSS jokes are my favorite. The vacuum breaking sucks, what a pain in the ass. 30 minute of driving is worth it for a good running group a million times over. I don't know how I ever lived without mine. I've made some really close friends that way, plus it keeps you super accountable.

  4. Why, why, WHY would anybody vacuum a dog????? I have the same vacuum as you, btw, and actually love mine, so I hope yours sorts itself out right quick.
    Good luck with the running group!!

  5. I once read in a pregnancy book the you should run because it helps you poop. You don't realize how great poop is until you can't.

    I'm in a charming mood this evening. Anywhoodle, I would vaccum my dog if I thought it would cause him to drop of a heart attack. There is Rufus hair everywhere!

  6. never seen a dog sit still to be vacuumed!! my mom used to spray our dogs with all kinds of air fresheners, but never used the vacuum.