Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three things thursday

I'm totally stealing Kara's idea with this post, mainly because it's been busy at work. And, well, also because I've been a lazy blogger.
  1.  I HATE meetings. With all the passion that I can muster, I wish meetings would die. If I could afford it, I'd totally hire someone to go to meetings in my place and report back to me all the highlights.

    Today we're having a meeting, which my boss is calling a "forum". (We're fancy pants up in the Marketing department.) I also have an "audio conference" which is during lunchtime. This is the second Thursday in a row that I am hating. Anyhow, back to the forum. We had a meeting yesterday to discuss the goings-on at this forum and it turns out I will be playing a role in the presenting. This gives me great levels of anxiety, which means by the time I get home tonight after my workout, I'm going to be exhausted (and too tired to read more of The Hunger Games and I'm right at an exciting part!). The forum isn't until this afternoon, so I have almost an entire day to dwell on it. Yippee!
    If I was in charge.

  2.  I can't stand strong perfume or cologne. I'm pretty sure the point of perfume is to make YOU smell a certain way. I shouldn't be able to smell it as I'm walking down a hallway that you walked down ten minutes ago. Also, please don't come into my office stinking up the place with your sprayed-on scent/poison. I have to work in there. Emails are way less intrusive and way less stinky. Also, it is not necessary to put on the junk before going to the gym. In order to run, I must be able to breathe. If your BO is that bad, you should probably shower more instead.

  3. Long fingernails make me sick to my stomach. I have no idea why. If a guy has nails longer than mine (and I keep mine really short), I can't stand looking at his hands. I think when women have long nails, I get the impression that they're dirty. (Whether they are or not). I grew my fingernails out for my friend's wedding and I just couldn't stand it. They always felt dirty. There just can't be a way to always get clean under there. I ended up cutting them before the big day. When someone has nails long enough to "tap" when typing, it hurts me. And long toenails? Oh god, don't even get me started. So disgusting!

    Ewwww! WHHYYYYY!!

And now, on a much nicer note, Kari is having a giveaway of Click! Please don't enter because I need to win this one for my Saturday morning long runs :)

One of the prerequisites to win is to take a before and an after picture of your workout. Since I didn't have anyone to take pictures for me, mine are of the shoulders up, which I know isn't as fun. Sorry folks.

I was way sweatier after my run, but then I did some strength sets, so I cooled off a little bit. I didn't realize how red my face gets after I workout.

Do you have strong feelings about meetings, long fingernails and toenails, and stinky perfume?



  1. Yes!! I hate strong meetings at work, on people in the store, at the gym. Or the other day when I ran down a sidewalk and it REEKED of perfume yet no one was in sight. Long fingernails on guys weird me out. Luckily I can't remember seeing anyone with long toenails like the pic you shared! My face gets beet-red after long runs when it's hot out or more intense runs. I was hoping it would get better over time as I ran more, but 2 yrs. luck.

  2. You and my sister are the same about the nails. She thinks that if you have any white on your nails that it's gross. I'm with you with guys and long nails and people that have really long nails, though.

    When I used to go to the gym, there was this woman that would ALWAYS get on the treadmill next to me. She wreaked of perfume and smoke. I would literally gag and leave every time. I hate strong scents.

  3. Those toenails will haunt my dreams. Thanks. :)

    Remember at Mason how a group of Persian guys would walk by and it was like a chemical attack on your nose? Ah, Mason.

  4. Those toenails are ridiculous. I gagged when I saw the picture. Can you imagine what is sounds like when she walks on a tile floor?

  5. Barf. I have a guy in my graduate school class with full on Nosferatu fingernails. He's also incredibly hairy and doesn't believe in soap. We actually call him Fingernails behind his back.